Pareto Logic Regcure Pro


Slow speed of the computer can cause immense frustration to the user. Pareto Logic Regcure Pro provides the necessary boost to the computer. The advanced software fixes issues in computer registry that cause poor performance, errors and long wait time. It is compatible with all Microsoft products and third party applications. The Regcure registry cleaner searches and repairs all issues in registry that leads to poor performance such as remains left behind on registry from failed installations, incomplete un-installations, disabled drivers and spyware applications. The software is perfectly compatible with the Window 10 64-bit and 32-bit operating system, Windows 8 64-bit and 32 bit operating system, Window 7 64 bit and 32 bit operating system and Window XP 32 bit operating system.

Key Features of Registry Cleaner Software:

  • Cleans registry manual according to own specifications or perform a thorough scan and clean it automatically.
  • It has a user friendly interface that allows monitoring the progress of the scan.
  • Free registry cleaner download so one can try it at no risk
  • Scan can be scheduled at times that are suitable to one’s requirement. It also manages and cleans up start up programs.
  • The application is compatible with all major Windows operating systems and includes a full back up utility to make registry cleaning experience as easy and safe as possible.
  • System Tray icon makes it easy to launch Regcure and conveniently shows either the clean status or the number of errors from the last scan.
  • System scan hunt down the exact problem. To increase the performance of computer, it is advisable to start with a scan. Pareto Logic Regcure Pro seeks out and then fixes:

  • System Errors: The window registry has a complicated database which keeps track of all kind of settings and relationships for computer’s software, hardware, users and preferences. With the passage of time, the registry can become unstable and corrupt. Cleaning can solve many performance issues. RegCure pro cleans active X, shared DLLs, uninstall entries, file path references, shell extensions, application path and other errors.
  • Malware: There are all kind of viruses, spyware, Trojans and other malware looking to infect the machine. They can try to steal credit card information or try to take over PC or similar devious task. Different form of malware has the potential to hurt computer performance. RegCure malware scanner identifies active malware and kicks it off machine.
  • Performance Issues: Any particular time, several programs and processing are running on PC. In case some of them are resource intensive or there are too many programs, it can result in poor performance. The software identifies unwanted processes that are just slowing the computer down.
  • Privacy Items: Computer stores a vast amount of information which is not always good. Information added to computer through regular internet browsing and file use could be used for targeted phishing schemes, identity theft and similar crimes. The application gets rid of confidential information, passwords, login credentials, banking data, credit card number and much more.
  • Junk Files: Unneeded items just take up unnecessary steps on the PC. RegCure pro cleans away junk files, temporary items and clutter.

    Once the scan is performed, with just a click of button one can get RegCure pro fixing identified issues and getting the PC back up to speed. There are also some great tools to help optimize PC and solve other common PC problem.

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