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Compatibility and Features
Partition Wizard Pro is compatible with Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, and 10-powered machines and gives you clear information about your computer’s hard drives, though the blue user interface give a monotonous looks on the eyes during long periods of use. MiniTool lets you use the $39 utility on up to three servers as compared to EaseUs Partition Manager, a competing utility, charges the same for $159 for its Server edition. In short, its saves money and lite on your pocket.
The windows explorer similar utility’s layout, lets you see the storage capacity of hard drives, file systems, file types, statuses, and more. To know about all these terminology, you need to refer the search engine as Partition Wizard Pro doesn’t supply any. You can find the required definitions in help section but unfortunately, not the common one.
Partition Wizard Pro is obviously intended for people who like the numerous hard drive formatting, re-lettering, and data-transfer options. The interface’s left column contains two sections: Wizards and Operations. The Wizards sections contains easy-to-use guides that let you migrate your computer’s operating system to another drive, copy a partition, copy an entire disk, or recover a deleted partition. Operations has more than five times as many options, including Change Drive Letter, Hide Partition, and Wipe Disk. Certainly, we could execute some of these features in other programs but we found Partition Wizard Pro’s interface slightly easier to navigate.
Hard Drive and Data Management
Partition Wizard Pro has a lot of options, so we used the utility to perform more common hard drive management tasks. the Partition Wizard Pro lets users queue commands, which I found incredibly handy. It relaxed me from being dedicatedly siting at my desk as it created partitions on its own, merged partitions, deleted partitions, and then wiped an external hard drive. I also used Partition Wizard Pro to transfer 250 GB of data from my primary hard drive to a secondary driveā€”the process took just over an hour and a half.
I was happy to see that Partition Wizard Pro is compatible with external & removable storage; when I inserted a SD card into my PC, the utility instantly read and recognized the 32 GB drive. So, I deleted photos and videos from the SD card using the Wipe function, which let me select one of five different data deletion methods.

Partition Party

MiniTool Partition Wizard Pro Edition 8 makes creating and managing partitions a very simple affair, thanks to its informative & simple layout and deep feature set. Even better, network engineers can use this utility in lieu of more expensive ones like EaseUS as the price of Partition wizard pro is less than that of Easeus. Partition Wizard Pro isn’t perfect, but it’s a highly effective tool that you should download.
Lets check out some of the Pros and cons of Partition wizard pro

Lets you partition disks. Queues commands. Compatible with a wide array of Windows operating systems, including Windows Server. In testing, instantly recognized removable storage. Free version.
Some terms not explained. UI can be a bit hard on the eyes.


The feature-packed MiniTool Partition Wizard Pro Edition 8 includes just about everything you need to manage your PC’s partitions, but a few niggles leave room for improvement in a future update.

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