Mini Tool Partition Wizard 9.0 Pro



The professional edition of MiniTool partition wizard goes beyond conventional partition and basic disk management to cover dynamic disk advanced management. With the functionality matching the level of superior edition (Enterprise or the Technician edition), it allows deletion, creation and formatting of both basic and dynamic disks. This is one among other high end partition related functions.

Barring the fact, licence is limited to one user and it is not possible to use on a windows server platform, professional edition covers all the functions making it a success story. Resizing, moving, creating, wiping, deleting, formatting, hiding, copying or aligning partitions are the basic functionality of the full featured utility. However, this is only the tip of iceberg. Moreover, the software can also change the drive letter, cluster size, rebuild disk MBR, convert file system from NTFS to FAT32 and vice versa. It can also copy entire disks or selected partitions. Recovery of an accidentally deleted or formatted partition complete with its data is also possible.

Some of the functions can be easily performed by an average user. The ease of use can be attributed to Wizards – hence the name. One latest addition to Wizards is “migrate OS to SSD/HD” Wizard. The step by step guide enables to replicate windows OS in a new solid state disk or a new hard disk without cloning the entire disk. Some of the functions does not com come with Wizards but those can be achieved simply by moving a slider with your mouse.

Some other functions provided by Pro version involve serious data loss, inherent to the task performed (partition deletion or formatting). In order to avoid launch these processes accidentally, there are warning messages which informs the associated risk involved. As far as functioning is concerned, it is top of its class partitioning tool. It cleverly combines wizard driven and one click tasks to make the functions enjoyable. It’s the application which needs to prove its professionalism rather than the end user.

Compatibility and Features: Partition wizard pro is compatible with Windows Vista, XP, 7, 8 and 10. It gives a at a glance information about computer’s hard drive, through the blue user interface grates on the eyes during prolong use. Partition wizard pro’s server 2012 R2 compatibility should not be overlooked. Utility layout which is very similar to Windows Explorer, allows one to see hard drives total storage capacity, files type, files system, status and more. It is tailor made for people with an eye for detail. There are numerous re-lettering, hard drive formatting and data transfer options.

The Interface’s left column contains two sections: Wizards and operations. The wizards section consist guides that can migrate computer’s operating system to another drive, copy an entire disk, copy a partition recover a deleted partition. Operation has five times more options including hide partition, change drive letter and wipe disk. Interface navigation is way easier compared to its peers.


  • Clear and intuitive interface
  • Support for dynamic disks
  • Formats, creates, deletes and resize dynamic disks
  • Dynamic to basic disk conversion
  • Splits, merges and expands partition
  • Warns against partition tasks which involve data loss
  • Moves and resizes partition
  • Cons

  • Few terms has not been explained. User Interface can be a bit hard on the eyes. Besides, there is no back up feature.
  • Improvement on Old functions:

  • Merge partitions much more easily and safely
  • Unhide partition and appoint drive letter in one instant
  • Able to resize partition while copying disks
  • Easily convert dynamic disk to basic disk
  • Bootable edition of MiniTool Partition Wizard support boot from UEFI
  • The feature packed MiniTool partition Wizard Pro edition 9 includes almost everything one needs to manage system partition. However, a few niggles leave room for improvement in future updates.

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