How to Speedup Slow Windows ?


Is your windows slow ? Want to know how to increase the speed. Here is the perfect trick to do so.


What does AVG Tune Up do ?


  • Boosts your PC Speed

Program Deactivator
Startup Manager
Turbo Mode
Live Optimization
Drive Defrag
Startup Optimizer
Performance Optimizer
Optimization Status
Rating Function
User Interface

  • Cleans up your PC

Disk Cleaner
Duplicate Finder
Uninstall Manager
Browser Cleaner
Automatic Cleaning Updates
Disk Space Explorer
Shortcut Cleaner
Registry Cleaner & Defrag
Win 8.1 App Cleaner

  • Analyzes & Fixes your PC

Disk Doctor
Repair Wizard
Process Manager
System Info
Status & Recommendations

  • Controls the battery usage

Economy Mode
Flight Mode

  • Works Automatically

Automatic/1-Click Maintenance
Automatic Cleaning Updates

  • Cleans you iOS too


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