EaseUS Todo PCTrans Free 8.0


EaseUS Todo PCTrans Free 8.0 is free personal computer transfer software for Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP, server 2003/2008/2012. It can transfer applications, pictures, music, documents etc. The software is reliable and secure with no harm done to the personal computer. Besides, one need not be technical expert to use the software. The transfer is done from any window based computer to another personal computer with the same system or later or from previous operating system to new operating system after Windows in-place upgrade. It solves the problem of migrating all data and applications along with the settings to new personal computer
New Features in version 8.0

  • Support window Server 2003/2008/2012
  • Transfer data and applications from one personal computer to another via an image file
  • Transfer data and applications from previous operating system to new operating system after windows in-place upgrade
  • Supports Windows 10.


It is a simple wizard based tool that helps in transferring data from old personal computer to new one. Using the program require connecting both systems to the same network (wire or wireless).There should be enough hard drive space to handle whatever is thrown at it. Once it is set up, everything else is relatively straightforward. Install Todo PC Trans Free on old and new computers and tell the program about the source PC and the destination PC. Afterwards, select the files that have to be transferred. There is also an option to remap drives. However, free build only transfers data. In case of any issue, better upgrade to pro version for transferring applications and settings.


Steps to use Free Version via Network Connection:

  • Step 1: Install Todo PC Trans on both computers which are on the same LAN
  • Step 2: Run Todo PC Trans on both old and new computer and then select via network connection.

On one computer select the computer from which one want to transfer data or applications from.


  • Step 3: Transfer data or applications. Click the edit button to select the data or applications.


  • Step 4: Start the transfer after clicking transfer button.

Transfer data and application via an image file:

  • Step1: Install EaseUs Todo PC Trans on the source computer from which data and applications has to be transferred from.
  • Step 2: Run EaseUs Todo PC Trans and then select via an image file7
  • Step 3: Select “create the image file”.8
  • Step 4: Select image storage location and data and application one wants to transfer.9
  • Step 5: Save the operation.
  • Step 6: Install EaseUs Todo PC Trans on destination computer where data and application has to be transferred. Copy the image file to destination computer.
  • Step 7: Run EaseUs Todo PC Trans, select “via an image file” -> “Transfer from the image file”
  • Step 8: Select image storage location along with data and applications that needs to be transferred.
  • Step 9: Click transfer to start the transfer process.Conclusion: The most flexible way of transferring data from one network personal computer to another is to spend a little time with explorer. However, if one would like speeding up the process, the software will get the job done and it is certainly very easy to use.

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