Special features of Google Chrome to make your life easy



1.Omnibox search directly into individual site

How do we search something in internet?? We go to search engine, type the thing and then look for a particular website. What if we don’t have to go through the route of search engine. There is a feature of google chrome that many of us don’t know, Omnibox Search.
For example, if you are a regular user of Wikipedia and refer Wikipedia for reference for daily need, then you can add omnibox search on your address bar. If this trick is enabled, you simply start typing “Wikipedia,” and the far right side of the omnibox will prompt you to press tab to search within the site (in this case, Wikipedia). Once you press tab, a solid block will appear in the left side of the omnibox that says “search Wikipedia” after which you can type your search within in that site.
This function is not only restricted to search engine, we can add almost any website to the list. Even any content site which we use on regular basis.
How to use – If a site is not included in your list, right-click on the search box on the site and click the the option: “Add as search engine. On a Mac, hold down the Control button when you click on the search box

2.Drag Multiple tabs in one Go

Most of us know how to shuffle the tab between the windows, but if we have to move multiple tabs from one window to another, instead of moving it one by one, there is a simple way, Press and hold Ctrl key, then click on the tabs you want to move and move them to the respective window. For Mac user, Press command key and follow the same process.

3.Your Omnibox is your calculator

Do you know, you don’t always need to open the calculator every time you need to do some math function. You can do the calculation in your omnibox without going to google.com. just type the correct basic math function and correct answer will appear in the suggestion box below the omnibox without pressing enter.
This trick will only work if your default omnibox search is google. this trick will not work with any other search engine like, bing, yahoo, msn etc, and also, not applicable if you are browsing in incognito mode.

4.Your Omnibox is Unit Calculator

Like math function calculator in your omnibox, you can also calculate unit in the omnibox. As with calculator, the result display will be same. As you type the unit to be converted, the result will be displayed automatically. For eg. If you type “5 inches” in the address bar, it will automatically give you the conversion suggestion in centimeter, If you want a different conversion, just type an equals sign with the conversion you do want (e.g. “9 inches = km” or “9 inches = mm” or “9 inches squared = m squared”).
This trick will only work if your default omnibox search is google. this trick will not work with any other search engine like, bing, yahoo, msn etc, and also, not applicable if you are browsing in incognito mode.

5.A simple Image browser

A new and exciting feature of image browser have made the life easy. Its very simple, if you found the image in your hard drive and you have no idea what it is, just drag and drop the image in the omnibox and you will get the relate images and result.

6.Drag and search

Similar to image browser, we can also drag and drop the test. Just select the test you want to search, drag and drop to the omnibox to perform the search. You can also just right-click on highlighted word or phrase and you will prompt a pop-up option to perform a Web search. Conveniently, conduct a Google search (on a Mac, Control-click on a highlighted word).

7.Drag a URL to the Bookmark Bar

If you like any website and you want to work in a future, you can easily bookmark the web address. Just drag the web address to the bookmark bar and its done. You can later edit the name for your convenience.

8.Key command to browse through tabs

To quick read in other tabs, you can simply hold down the control key (command in case of Mac) and a number 1 through 9. Each number is associated with a different tab starting with 1 all the way the left and moving incrementally through 9 tabs as you move to the right

9.Up and Down navigation using key command

You can use the spacebar to scroll down on any webpage, and you can scroll back up by pressing Shift and the Spacebar

10.Open Specific pages to start

If you use the Web like me, you end up going to the same sites every time you log on. Conveniently, you can set Chrome up to open those same websites every time you start up. In the Settings menu, go to the section “On Startup” (or just type chrome://settings/startup in the omnibox) and click on the option to “Open a specific page or set of pages.” Next to that option is a “Set pages” link, which allows you to choose your starting sites (it will even auto fill from sites in your recent history or you can choose the tabs you currently have open)

11.Easy Key Command to delete browsing history

If you ever want to delete your browsing history, including past URLs, cached images, passwords, and cookies, you can do that all through the clear browsing window in Settings. You can access it quickly by pressing Control-Shift-Delete and a “Clear browsing data” window will open. (Press shift-Command-Delete to access this function on a Mac)

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