How to remove Locky virus?


Locky virus is a highly active malware of the year 2016. There are so many people who are trying to remove locky virus from their systems and are trying to recover the “locky datei”. It is the latest active ransom ware virus which can ruin all the files of the users. The virus threat can lead to the loss of the precious information from the computer and can ruin the files which have been collected over the years.

How does it work?

  • The virus attack is send to people in the form of a word document and has a malicious macro embedded in it and the infected word document is sent through emails.
  • When the infected word document is opened it seeks permission to run the Macro and install the ransom ware into the system and scrambles the files.
  • The virus already attacked over half a million of population and it is spreading all around at a fast pace and is considered as one of the most threatening virus these days.
  • There have been reports of the breaking out of the multimillion locky virus campaign and the campaign is said to be in relation to the ransom ware distribution botnet called Necurs which was closed sometimes back.
  • Now the Locky virus is using this botnet and is spreading infection through the infected email attachments.
  • The email attachments are loaded with the infected JavaScript document and carries out the encryption of the files with the help of AES-128 encryption.
  • Protect your system from malicious software

  • The virus starts its encryption once the locky malware infects the computer and then it may take several hours to many days to encrypt the files.
  • Virus cannot be noticed at the initial stage, however the system gets slow down when infected. Locky virus is a highly structured virus which can lead to the loss of the stored files on the system and is now translated into number of languages and is also spreading through outlook and Microsoft 365 and has many devastating effects.
  • In fact many of the antivirus and any spywares have failed to prevent its spread but somehow the issue of the lucky virus spread has been somewhat resolved and there are many security softwares available that are helping the users to prevent locky attack before it gets into the victim’s files and encrypt them.
  • One can install reliable antivirus software to secure safety from this kind of cyber threat and also users have to be extremely cautious while downloading any kind of email attachments which are received from a suspicious source.
  • Try to contact the sender of .js or any word document before actually downloading it into the system.
  • The increase in the rate of locky virus attacks highlights the requirement for users to take greater precautionary measures for their stored files.
  • Install reliable Antivirus software

    There are many new malware tools and antivirus softwares which are actively working on this new cyber threat to combat its attacks. In addition to the usage of the products which can combat the attacks of such destructive malwares, there are other ways also which can be adopted to avoid the locky virus attacks like users should make regular backups that can be stored offline too and keep on updating their system on schedule and should use Microsoft viewer application for the inspection of the documents before they get actually opened.

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