How to migrate from iOS to Android?


How to move your photos, videos, contacts and calendar events from iOS to Android operating system?

With many new and awesome Android devices hitting the market every week, you might be feeling somewhat compelled to make a switch from iOS to Android. There are some snags that need to be sorted out to ensure a smooth transition from iOS to android. Before you setup your Android phone, you would be requiring a Google account which can either be a Gmail account or Google Apps. You need to login into this account while initiating the setup process on your Android phone.

Transfer your Contacts, Mail as well as Calendar

Sign into your Android phone using the same account which was used on the iPhone and activate the contact sync. If you are a user of iCloud, you can still use your iCloud account to sync contacts and calendars to your Android phone. But will be needed a couple of apps. You need two apps to do this – Smooth Sync app for Cloud Contacts and Smooth Sync app for cloud calendar use. These two apps will add your iCloud account to your Android phone and will enables you to sync your iPad / Mac with your Android device.

Music transfer

All you have to do is to download the Google Music app to your computer. Google will then store your music in the cloud and allow you stream it on your new Android phone through the Music app. When you add a new music to the catalogue, the Music app will upload and sync it to your Android phone automatically. If you are unable to use Google Music then simply drag-and-drop the music on your desktop into the Music folder on your Android phone using a USB connection. In order to access the device’s storage, the Mac desktop users need to use the Android File Transfer app.

Transfer photos and videos

Either use iPhoto on the Mac, or install the iCloud Control Panel on the windows system to comfortably capture photos from your iPhone. Later use a USB or your Google+ account to sync the photos to the Android device.
Use iTunes, iPhoto, or a file explorer to capture video files on your iPhone. You can also utilize the programs like the iExplorer, Image Capture that are available in the Mac Utilities folder or the native windows file explorer to take the files from your device.

Simply sync photos from your Android phone to your desktop using a USB or alternatively you can install the Dropbox app and enable the camera upload function.

Always turn off your iMessage before actually making a switch

Whatever method you may use for the transfer always turn off your iMessage before actually making the switch. You might be experiencing some of the surprising changes while switching from an iPhone to an Android device especially the flexibility to customize your phone. The options for modifying various aspects of your Android phone may vary. Some of them include designating ringtones to contacts, setting live wallpaper, setting the audio quality on your device, editing contact images, adding custom wallpaper and ringtones. To help you in your transition from iOS to Android, you’ll find many guides and apps.

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