How to migrate from Android to iOS


How to move your pictures, contact and messages and more things from Android to iOS?

You can actually learn the easiest way to transfer all your data from an Android to iPhone or an iPad.It only takes a few minutes to get all your important data from Android to iOS. These are the key facts you need to know. In earlier times, it was a big pain to jump from one mobile OS to another. However it’s now simpler than ever to transfer your old data from an Android phone to your new phone – iPad or iPhone.

Apple’s Move to iOS app ensures a peaceful and quick transfer process

Apple’s Move to iOS app in the Google Play Store ensures a peaceful and quick transfer process. Remember it will not transfer your, music, apps or passwords. You can use it to transfer your contacts, calendar, text messages, photos and videos. You can utilize the Move to iOS app on phones and tablets using Android 4.0 or other later versions and enable data transfer to gadgets using iOS 9 or higher versions.

Initiate the routine setup process

Initiate the routine setup process in your mobile device till you get the Apps & Data screen. Now select the option “Move Data from Android”. The screen will display a 10-digit code.

Remember, if you are already done with the initial setup process, you will be expected to delete the content from your iPhone or iPad, You can simply do this by selecting settings option – first click on General, then click Reset, and then choose the option – “Erase all content and settings”.

Depending upon the volume of data transferred, it could take few minutes time

Enable Wi-Fi on your android gadget to connect to a network. Then go to the Google Play Store and download the app – Move to iOS. Now open the downloaded app, select continue, agree to usage terms, select next and then enter the 10-digit code from your device.

You get the option to select the content of your choice and transfer to your iPhone. The various options include: Chrome bookmarks, Google account, contacts, text messages, photos as well as the videos. Choose the contents of your choice to transfer and then click next. Your Android phone will now start transferring the data over to your new iPad or iPhone. Depending upon the volume of the data transferred, it could take few minutes for the entire data transfer process to get over.

Google apps on iOS

An Android user is already familiar with apps and services from Google, like Gmail and Google Maps. Similar items are available on iOS which include Gmail, Google Drive, Google Chrome, Google Calendar, Google Keep, YouTube, Google Play Music, Google Search, Google Maps, Google Photos, Google Play Movies and Google Play Books.

The data transfer process from Android to iOS is an easy and straightforward

Simply speaking, the data transfer process from Android to iOS is almost straightforward. A safety net is available for the trouble free data transfer. For your new iPad or iPhone, Apple provides a free personal setup service. You can avail this service at the nearest local Apple Store. Customers without a retail location nearby can get this service online.

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