How to Make the Computer Faster?



Accurate Upgrade of hardware and windows can increase the speed of your Computer.

So if you really want to fasten and speedup your PC, Hardware and Software is the most important device which must work conjointly. And so, we have Tuning Items, it’s not only a tool; there is windows tips and Hardware tricks which will help you to increase the performance.

Though, while starting with tuning, give sometime to your PC to update, update all drivers and install the windows update up to date. If you are not getting latest update visit the website for the latest update and get them install, generally Microsoft doesn’t offers latest drivers update. Once you get updated system take back up of the same so that there would not be loss of data if it may get affected accidently.

Tip 1: System Scrutiny

Tuning tricks differ from computer to computer so you must know about the mechanism of your system and also about its configuration:
A notebook with 512 MB of RAM can be accelerated very well with a 1-GB module. But you have 4Gig of RAM already on your board and are still looking to increase the speed, so first of all you must know what all useful tools can be used to bring your computer at full speed and which can also help you to show, what all components are installed on your windows system without unscrew the computer.Now next you must know about the version of windows you using, for this no need to add any another tool just simply click on the start and then go to my computer and then just choose properties.In properties you can see the information regarding version of windows with its basic details like about
Hardware (processor, memory installed) etc.


Tip 2 : Special Hardware Analytic Programs

You can use AIDA64 Extreme for hardware analytics program, CLICK here to download.Once the Analysis is complete you can get the details so that you can plan accordingly to upgrade and increase the speed of you system.


Tip 3: Fast start with an optimized BIOS

Now if we modify our windows to windows 8 it will take boot time more than the change to a SSD.
BIOS settings can be done after few seconds of startup of computer, so you must get your boot drive or hard drive ready from which the operating system is loaded in advance, once boot is over network should be turned off, extra unused data controller can take time if the board is looking for non- existent drives to startup.
In Multiple Boot System, windows boot menu display time can be reduced. For this call the program msconfig.exe running on. In Register Boot.ini (XP), or Start (Vista, 7, 8) to shorten the time behind timeout to five or ten seconds. Auto runs tool can help you to know about the all the programs services which has been started unexpectedly.


Tip 4 : Hybrid Standby for energy saving mode

The fastest way to start a PC with operating system is don’t shut down your PC completely, put it on power saving mode or a standby mode as only the main memory of computer is connected to power supply rest entire system is maintained by Standby state.
By opting standby mode you can fasten the speed of your PC as operating system will start extremely fast and you can continue you’re working right there from where you have left it. Energy saving settings with hybrid sleep will enhance power options and also the information saved in the RAM will not affected by Power Failure.


Tip 5 : Start processes only when they are needed

Above and beyond the programs, there are several services and process which get starts with windows. Microsoft links to unnecessary computer activity on the track as the windows start all program list starts with it.
Your antivirus software can only the exception to this, red marked are unknown autorun tools and yellow marked are the faulty, you can safely disable this updates to avoid any bug hits to your PC.
If you don’t know about the updates displaying on your PC simply right click with mouse and call on search online you will get the information regarding them on the search engines and you will get to know about the same.


Tip 6: Cache SSD for faster awakening

If your windows 7 or 8 goes into energy saver mode, then all the information and the content of memory will get saved in hiberfil.sys file on the system disk. All the content will remain same what you have before it goes to sleep.

Tip 7: use SSD instead of HDD as system drive

As HDD’s has magnetic platters the data transfer rate and access time is slower than SSD, SSD consists only flash memories and a controller so it works faster than HDD
Most of the computers use SSD instead of HDD to increase the performance of their computer as it has more powerful processor and memory, it not only helps in higher transfer rate but also allows to faster access to files.

Tip 8: Get more power from the PC With PCBooster Software

Moving to SSD brings a major change in boosting up the performance level.
Every time you start a new program for editing video or software or any other program which requires more power your system will face lag in performance, to overcome that you need a PC Booster Software, which would free the RAM and disk utilization thus not allowing the system to lag

Tip 9: Try to keep the Processor Cool

You can always increase the performance by keeping the processor cool, which can be done by either always staying in air conditioning or always carrying around a laptop stand with a fan fitted in it which blows air and keeps the processor cool

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