How to increase windows 8.1 boot speed ?



Windows 8 / 8.1 seems to be very good looking and very user friendly when you have a new PC but with time the trash gets accumulated and various process run together give you more performance and power to work and this when the system gets to slow down and it starts hampering your work.The Major effect comes to the boot speed system startup speed decreases

But that’s not the end of it you need not live with this slow PC forever we can increase the speed and make the booting faster with few tweaks which are very easy to do.

Just use the below mentioned tweaks to make the booting of the system faster:

STEP 1: Disable Shadows and Animations for Windows 8.1

STEP 2: Disable Unnecessary Features

STEP 3: Control Windows Services which run Automatically

STEP 4: Control Program at Windows Startup

STEP 5: Disable various sound effects which are enabled

STEP 6: Some Miscallenaous tips to Make Windows 8 Faster

All the Steps Mentioned above are described in details in their respective articles, which would provide
you more detailed information on how to increase the boot speed of your Windows PC.

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