How to Control Visual Setting in Windows 8 / 8.1



Windows 8 / 8.1 has a lot of visual effects which makes the PC fun to use, but sometimes its not all about fun but its also about power and performance and in these case these visual effects tend to pull us back and make performance poor, thus we have to make changes to the setting so as to increase our performance.

The visual setting change be changed simply with the below mentioned steps:

Press Window Button + R (Run Command)

Type sysdm.cpl to get the system properties.

Alternatively this can be reached by the following:

Right Click on My computer / This PC and click properties and Click Change Setting just under the Windows 8 logo.

Once the Windows Opens just Click on Advanced from the tabs above. The first Option is for Performance which control all the visual effects.

Once you are through with the changes you can just Click Apply and OK, all the setting are saved and now the animations and visual effects are controlled thus giving you more free RAM thus enabling more performance.

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