Best VPN services of 2017


VPNs allow users to access the blocked content and also region block sites

This is the era of digital evolution when all the confidential or private information are over the web and privacy and security are major concerns. The Government and the hackers are so desperate to access the private information that networking needs high protection from prying eyes. However, a VPN can solve all those security issues. But firstly it should be decided that what requirements a VPN can fulfill. If the major objective is privacy then the VPN should have features like standard encryption, DNS leak protection, kill switches while for speed the VPN should own personal server. Sometimes people need VPN for entertainment purposes too. For example, if someone needs access to BBC iPlayer or Amazon prime in foreign countries then the person should choose VPN with servers in multiple countries. Again the demand of torrenting can provide a VPN with P2P/torrenting feature.

What is VPN?

A VPN or virtual private network can connect two or more systems over the web with standard security measures. This type of secure connection is famous as VPN tunnel. At first, VPN was developed to create a private network for corporate resources but now there are different commercial VPN services with servers in multiple locations. The commercial VPN can connect any capable device like PC, smart phone or tablet to meet users’ need. The immediate question that can pop up in the users mind can be if the VPN is legal or not. Of course, VPN is legal as most of them are used for commercial purpose regularly. However, there are few exceptions. As an example, UAE has some serious issues.

Let’s check out some of the Top VPN services of the year 2017

Some of the top VPNs with major features are discussed below:


The super fast VPN comes with two major demanded features and they are unlimited downloading with security measure like 256-bit encryption. The VPN service has more than 1700 servers in 145 different locations. The service comes with an offer of 30-day money back guarantee using the support of SSTP and L2TP/IPSec. The service has no usage log issue but has aggregate connection log feature. However, the setup guide quality and 24/7 customer support is the major advantage of the service.


This VPN service has 2000 IP addresses and 739 servers with 58 server locations. The customer reviews indicate the service among the top five services in the VPN world. The security features include kill switch, double encryption and stealth mode. The comparatively low-speed provider VPN has a zero log policy and the new OpenVPN encryption has somehow solved the speed issues. Moreover, this service guarantees the most data intensive tasks for its users.

IPvanish VPN

The US based VPN service has no logs at all and can be found with more than 40,000 IP addresses. This service can support multiple devices with maximum five simultaneous connections. The 700 server based service can provide smooth streaming and supports an open source media streaming app like the Kodi or XBMC. Moreover, it supports Bitcoin but allows only 7 days trial.


The high-speed service has no bandwidth limit and is available in more than 800 servers worldwide. Moreover, it has an easy setup process with additional features like user-friendly desktop app and funky looks. However this no logs policy based service is no longer available as a free version. In fact it is one of the major promoters of the uncensored internet culture.

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