Best browser to use on Windows


Criteria to choose the best browser

A web browser is software application that offers range of capabilities for locating, retrieving and displaying the content on the internet. There are many web browsers available today that can interpret and display the JavaScript, HTML webpages and other types of content that is hosted on the web servers. The major things one look at while choosing the best browser is the simplicity, speed and the kind of security it provides.

Best browsers 2016 for your PC

There is a range of browsers on offer these days which are extremely powerful and also few innovative small browsers as well and each of the browsers has the unique slot of tweaks and enhancements.

Below mentioned is the list of the few best browsers around.

Which is the best browser?


Google chrome can be used as the best browser on windows owing to its high speed and the extension ecosystem and it was the first browser to simplify the user interface with address bar and few other buttons only. When chrome was debuted in the year 2008, the clean interface of the browser was the best feature. The most notable difference in the browser is the button for the user at the top that is showed up when the user logged in into the Google account .The chrome offers the user an overall clean experience but there is no customization option available for changing the browser’s experience


Mozilla has similar but more useful layout in comparison to the other browsers. It places the bar tab above the address icon with a separate URL and the search boxes which serve as a unique feature. The single click bookmarking is offered by the browser and one can access various options with a click of a simple button depicting the three horizontal bars present on the upper right corner of the window. The look of the browser is quite soft and this is due to the default icon theme the tabs has the curvy but a kind of flat designs that makes it most pleasant and comfortable to use. And the browser has two types of customization which can be done for altering its appearance like themes for basic wallpaper change, complete theme which alters the entire look of the browser including the tabs, colors, position of the elements etc.


<p?Safari is the best browser for Mac which is faster and more efficient than any other browser. The sites on the browser are highly responsive and the notepad battery is going to last for longer. It has a highly fast Java script engine and shows adherence to the energy saving technologies that makes it faster and more enjoying than any other browser. Safari provides protection against the fraudulent internet sites and since it runs the web pages in separate processes any harmful code that comes across is confined to a single browser tab and can’t crash the entire browser.

Internet explorer 11

IE 11 always lets the user to pin websites to the start screen and it enables the users to display the tabs and the URL permanently .Tabs can be viewed in a strip along the bottom right above the URL bar and icons are this time smaller and the strips are not taking too much space. The browser also supports web which is an opened graphic standard and renders 3D graphics with in the web browser .IE 11 facilitates the user to stay in the modern UI while carrying out the editing of the bookmarks and each one can be rendered a customized image which can be recognized instantly when user look at the list.

Microsoft Edge

The interface of the browser is quite impressive and there is no menu or status bar that is shown. Only the bare essential things are displayed and the various tabs are integrated in to the title bar which maximizes the screen space during browsing.

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