Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery



Accidentally deleted files or files on partitions are faulty, you can restore only with a special program. A possible program for Stellar Phoenix Data Recovery 6. The program can also create images of your hard disk for backup.
Stellar Phoenix Data Recovery 6 has a high performance spectrum. It can recover lost files safely on all major file systems. Furthermore, it is possible to save emails from Outlook Express program. It supports not only hard drives, but all known memory support – USB sticks, memory cards and iPods. Even erroneous data CDs and DVDs can read the software.
A high degree of user friendliness features Stellar Phoenix Data Recovery 6. Experience in the data recovery are not needed for normal use, the use is self-explanatory. Thanks to the great symbols and a clear menu no mistakes can be made.
A significant criticism is the duration of work. The software takes a long time to recover files. In addition, each time you have to re-specify where the files will be stored.
Stellar Phoenix Data Recovery 6 works well and reliably, but also very slow. For the simple recovery takes much time. The good ease of use makes this criticism but again good. Overall, the software is recommended for data recovery.

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