Windows 10 Cloud


Windows 10 Cloud is the new chrome OS alternative of Microsoft Company

Windows 10 Cloud is the simplified version of windows 10.It has been specifically designed for running the universal applications of the Microsoft .The users can take on the alternatives of Chrome OS and this is the simpler version which is low cost or may be fee of cost. All those pc makers who are looking to develop machines using the OS can use it.

Windows 10 cloud is likely to run on the Unified Windows Platform (UWP) applications

The company is going to test this latest version and it is likely to get launched in the second half of this year. This simplied version of windows 10 is likely to run on the Unified Windows Platform (UWP) applications which are installed .You can also compare it to being similar to windows 10 which was earlier called as Windows RT.

It is the safest, simpler and cost effective version of windows 10

This cloud version of windows 10 is going to assist the Microsoft company in its efforts to thwart the chrome books and provide safest, simpler and cost effective version of windows 10.Don’t go by its name as it has nothing to do with the cloud .The cloud word has been included in its name just because company wants to show that the cortana or the machine learning is included in it. This works as a cloud operating system. So it is going to compete with the OS of Chrome which is powering chrome books .With this latest version of windows 10, Microsoft will be able to come up with more cost effective computers which will be having in expensive processors.

Cloud version of windows 10 poses a direct competition to chrome books

The company needs to clearly differentiate how this cloud version of windows 10 is different from the standard windows 10.Windows will now come to the ARM processors and this is going to happen with their partnering with Qualcomm and it will result in the development of the cheaper computers .Chrome books are now getting more sophisticated and costly but Microsoft wants to churn out something which is potentially at the lower cost.

This version of windows 10 will have high security with more manageable features

Windows 10 Cloud is supposed to be running to the less costly hardware and will pose a direct competition to the Chromebooks.This version of windows 10 will surely be simpler with high security and much more manageable features. Nothing is clear about the time when the company would be debuting the hardware for cloud version of the windows. In case the company will come up with windows cloud device, it will be known as the surface 4 as the Microsoft will keep it in surface family itself. In case surface pro 5 will make its appearance then you should not be very optimistic about the major kinds of upgradations.This new device will have the Intel Kaby Lake Processors but the USB-C port would be absent in it.

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