Why is Siri lagging behind?


Siri is lagging behind its rival personal assistants despite the latest enhancements

Siri is still lagging behind that its other rival assistants despite few of the latest enhancements which have been made by the Apple Company. The company announced few of the latest enhancements to the Siri’s intelligence in the iOS 11 which include the language translations, ability to learn the user’s interests along with the contextual understanding of the queries.

The company is not successful in making Siri the best virtual assistant

Despite all the advancements, Siri is still lagging behind and one of the reasons cited for this is the limited nature of access by the third parties. The company is still not successful to make Siri one of the best personal assistants as the employees of the Apple Company are struggling with the company leaders who are showing a resistance in allowing Siri to tap into the third party applications. So iPhone user is confined to access few of the selected applications which are pre approved by the Apple Company.

iPhone users can use apps which are approved by Apple company

The iPhone users can use only those apps which are approved by the Apple company and the same user can’t ask Siri to play music through Spotify for instance which is a rival of Apple music .The same kind of limitations are not present in Alexa and the Google Assistant. A new version of Siri has been unveiled by the Apple company during the WWDC keynotes address few days back but the company was not able to explain how Siri is better than other competing products from the Google and Amazon. There is an area where Siri is leading than its rivals are in the languages as it is working on 21 different languages.

Apple Company has high concern over its user’s privacy

The company keeps the data of the users for just a period of six months .In comparison to that Google and Amazon hold the data for long and it facilitate better learning about the user’s interests while they continue to use their personal assistants. Another reason why the virtual assistant from the Apple Company is lagging behind is due to the company’s high concern over the user’s privacy. This time it is competing with the Amazon’s Alexa and the Google’s home devices because these two virtual assistants have more data and they can use the data to train the virtual assistants along with the inclusion of the less restrictive privacy policies.

Recently the firm has tested all kinds of limited capabilities of Siri

No doubt it is the Apple Company which has popularized the artificial intelligence assistant trend in the market with the launch of Siri but the capabilities of Siri still are not very impressive and still not ahead that its rivals. Recently the company has tested all kinds of limited capabilities of Siri and now it is quite comfortable to hand the control of its voice assistant to the larger partner base.

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