Why is Microsoft discontinuing MS Paint?


The image editing app is declared by Microsoft as deprecated

In the recent list release of Microsoft, MS paint is visible with a tag “deprecated”. That clearly means the upcoming Windows 10 fall creator update may have no place for this iconic feature. With this announcement, Microsoft somehow is declaring an end to the era of the 90s. The 32-year-old feature was first seen in the year 1985 as a part of Windows 1.0. However, the November born Windows feature was originally a child of ZSoft Corporation and a licensed version of PC paintbrush.

MS Paint has been the mainstay of windows

In the early years, Paint used to support the 1-bit monochrome graphics while after Windows 98 the famous JPEG format came as a sweet gift with the iconic feature. The 90s has seen the conversion of 1-bit black and white graphic MSP format to change into the popular JPEG format as well as the generation of doodling. Furthermore, the digital 2D program for painting is free and automatically installed on the PCs for decades.

Now company is extending its efforts towards paint 3D

Microsoft has disclosed Paint 3D in the year 2016 on their official website as a new version of the old software. The home page of Microsoft’s website has revealed that this version is much advanced from the previous 2D paint version. The users can create three-dimensional pictures using the same. The announcement of Windows 10 creator update has revealed that it is moving the outlook express and reader apps too.

The company doesn’t intent to remove the app completely

Moreover, it is also announced that those other two apps will be integrated into Microsoft’s edge browser which is another replacement for the age old Internet explorer. However, it is surprising to see that other replacement news is not upsetting the users in the way the Paint news is working. The funny thing is Paint never had huge functionality like Outlook or Adobe reader but according to the top comments in social media. Paint was synonymous to the childhood drawings in the time of 90s. Furthermore, the simplicity of the application was another important feature that attracted almost everyone.

The iconic company is trying to set the Paint 3D in the market

Therefore, the announcement has received a huge public outcry as the immediate reaction. Moreover, the level “removed and deprecated” has increased much confusion among the users. The voice of disappointment is reflected all over the social media. The tweets like “RIP, My childhood with MS paint (1997-2017)” or ” No MS paint? Oh, the horror” is highly visible on the social media. The public reaction has changed the language of the new announcement of Microsoft on July 2017.

The trusted old app has got incredible support of its fans

According to this new announcement, the surprising amount of fans of this trusted old app is taken as incredible support and it is said that the app is not going to leave. The 1985 born app is going to move in the Windows Store and is still free to use for the users. So, Microsoft is not completely abandoning the childhood pop star of the digital paint according to the new update but just moving its position. However, it is clear that the iconic company is trying to set the Paint 3D in the market with the hope of the same level of the success rate as the older version.

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