What is 5G?


5G is the breakthrough in the network technology

A new development in network technology is the 5G which would take the power of connectivity and technology to a whole new dimension. Network companies are on the run and already scheduling trials of 5G speeds to give their customers the best available. The 5G connectivity would enhance the cloud connectivity services and would support additional services and video graphics.

5G primarily benefits three of the main fields of its usage

The 5G technology would primarily benefit three of the main fields of its usage.

Mobile Broadband Quality

The 5G technology promises availability of 10 Gbps connectivity and reaching browser pages and data in much less than five milliseconds. In such a case, the demand for the 5G connectivity has also risen up. Many companies and industries are now investing in this increased speed which will give a tenfold increase in 5G devices in comparison to 4G devices.

Internet Usage

The advancement to 5G technology means the increase in internet users and applications for internet connections. People now look forward to the virtualized and technologies driven 5G connections which promise to give the best of internet speeds and make their experience better. The Internet of Things (IoT) connections have been driving smart cities and their robust infrastructures. With 5G introduction, this usage will be more and will also lead to much development. 5G would also offer thousand times the current bandwidth of the internet with rich density and taking its usage to a whole new level.

Enhanced reliability

With the super 5G technology, virtual reality and augmented reality will be a rage. People will be able to control driverless cars and drones with high efficiency with the network. Also enhancement in 5G technology would help the medical and research field to a great height. Surgeries and research tools would be power driven and provide the best of results in its actions.

Requirement of more cell sites and fibre to implement 5G technology

As the 5G technology introduces itself within the prescribed 2020, so the networks and systems for its use will have to be reformed to adhere to the new protocols required to use this supersonic speed. The networks would be opting for Software defined networking (SDN) as well as Network Functions Virtualization (FV) which would help them in the migration process from 4G to 5G. They would also require more cell sites and fibre to implement 5G technology.

Striking features of 5G technology

A recent study has analysed the following requirement which the 5G technology should fulfil in present world:

  • Data rate worth ten megabits per second to deliver to thousands of users.
  • Data rate of around a hundred megabits every second to deliver to the metropolitan areas.
  • 1 GB of data every second for people working in a single office floor together
  • Multiple connections for the wireless sensors.
  • Coverage in multiple areas across to be enhanced and improved
  • Signalling properties enhanced with better signals available at all places
  • In comparison to LTE, the latency to be reduced.
  • 5G would be a revolutionary change once it comes into being and when it will be available for available for all.

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