The Best Mac Antivirus Protection of 2017


The Mac needs Antivirus protection too

It becomes almost a legend that Macs are not vulnerable to the malware and viruses until the Keranger ransom ware attack comes into the light. Of course, no OS is completely safe from the digital attacks in this time of digital advances. However, Macs are not as vulnerable as the windows and androids but the recent cyber-espionage campaigns have identified some of the updated attacks on MAC OS X versions which can steal a password, iPhone backups etc. According to BitDefender, there is special malware designed for Macs and Mac spy module may fail to defend the systems from them.

Let the antivirus software impart your system a booster shot

In this context, the first question that comes to mind is why people made things like malware/ransom ware or virus? Of course, that people need money. Looking back at the history, Trojans used to sell confidential data while Bot herders used to open the systems to the spammers. Now the ransom ware demands money directly while affecting the system. Therefore no system is safe enough to deal with this aggressive demand. So if the user has a Mac and is looking for antivirus then this discussion can help the user to choose the best among them.

Some of the best Mac Antivirus Software of the year 2017

Bitdefender Antivirus:

The antivirus comes in $39.99 per year and its autopilot mode can send OS X notifications while scanning for malware regularly and helps in safe browsing. The minimal system impacting antivirus is highly integrated to the OS X but without parental control tools. Moreover, it has no inbuilt firewall system.

Sophos Antivirus:

The free antivirus only asks some personal questions and can detect nearly 99.17% threats without affecting the system performance. The disallowing feature of the MIT recommended antivirus can detect Trojans, worms, spyware, adware efficiently. It has remote management tool and centralized console which can monitor systems on networks, removable medias. However, it lacks quick scans, easy guidance and sometimes cloud setting and backing up issues.


Another free antivirus where advanced features are locked as paid editions. The 100% threat detector has a high impact on system performance. The efficient malware blocking and phishing detection features of the antivirus can also detect Wi-Fi security issues. However, the disk rescue feature offers ISO file download and bootable USB drive options. The tune up utility and VPN are other important features.

ESET cyber security:

The $39.99 per year paid version provides a 30 days trial version with 100% threat detection facility. The major helps are firewall, parental control tools, anti phishing feature as well as media privacy and training modules. However, it lacks URL advisor and has high device control features.

However, before installing antivirus software there are some mandatory code of conducts which can save time and efforts of the users.

Primary things before trying antivirus:

Stay alert: Using up to date version of Mac is important. Therefore taking system update and updated apps are the primary things to do. Apple’s security patches are highly reliable therefore taking the help of update panel is not a tough thing to do.

Use firewall: The built-in firewall can defend the network traffic for both incoming and outgoing nodes. The turn on firewall button can be found in the security and privacy option of system preferences panel and the only task is to switch on the button.

Defend your data: The inbuilt system has data defending structure in MacOS but using FileVault full disk or XTS-ATS 128 can prevent unwanted users from data stealing or copying.

So, taking the help of digital encryption and antivirus systems suitable for Macs users can fight the digital attacks now.

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