The Best Fitness Trackers of 2017


List of some of the best fitness trackers of the year 2017

A fitness tracker works in a perfect way and helps you to track your activity and your health in an effortless manner. Well the market of the fitness trackers today is stuffed with lot of devices and they constantly measure some of your vitals and perform pretty good job of tracking some of the essentials. You can actually have a look at some of the best technology wrist wears. You can choose the best activity tracker by looking at the list of the best fitness trackers .Find out how each of the fitness trackers stands different in terms of its features, price and design.

Have a look at some of the best fitness wrist wears

Let’s check out the design, features of the latest fitness trackers of the year 2017.

Moov Now

This is one of the most popular fitness tracker available .It is affordable and offers the consumers everything that they are looking for in a fitness tracker .It has six months extended battery and the product been designed not only to step the tracking activity but also to track the box and the rep based training.

Samsung Gear Fit 2

There have been plenty of updates that have been made to the device. One such update is it will now be working on the iPhone devices which are running on the iOS 9 and also on the software and android based devices. The tracker looks amazing on your wrist with an enlarged AMOLED screen .Wearer will be able to see the stats in a clear way.

Tom Tom Spark 3

This is another famous fitness tracker and one can also upload music directly to the device .So by using it, the wearer doesn’t require taking out his mobile phone with the Bluetooth head phones when he is running. There is also a GPS tracking, heart rate monitoring system along with the route navigation. All this makes it a best wrist companion while running at the places you don’t know much about.

Garmin Vivosmart 3

This is little bit expensive in comparison to the other fitness trackers. But it contains everything that you need in a fitness tracking device. It has a six month long extended battery life, heart beat rate monitor and also the fitness age feature. This device has been specifically created for the gym goers rather than the runners. When you want a band that can perform the high end fitness tracking for you then this is worth giving a try.

Fitbit Charge 2

This is one of the best fitness trackers that you can buy. But it is quite expensive too in comparison to the others. For joggers, it works extremely well and it is capable of connecting with the phone. It has a big clear screen that displays the stats and the product also has a heart rate tracker. Although it is not that cheap device on the list but it provides high value for your investment.

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