SoftBank promises massive merger of Sprint and Charter


Sprint wants a merger with the Charter communications

The rumours have been swirling around that Sprint actually wants a merger with the Charter communications. Well in case the two merged together, this would actually turn out to be major deal which will combine the wireless and the cable industry in a big and completely new way. But again few of the reports have suggested that the Charter communications which is actually the country’s second biggest cable operator is not interested in the proposal.

The question is Sprint wants a tie-up with US’s major cell phone carrier

The Sprint and the parent firm Softbank are not at all ready to give up the Charter. The biggest question that arises in the speculators mind is why Sprint wants a tie-up with the US’s major cell phone carrier. Well this consolidation could actually mean a new bundle of services that will be added up to the Sprint. The wireless service of the Sprint can be bought together with the cable services of the Charter.

The Sprint has been struggling since long to stay in competition

The Sprint has been struggling since long to stay in competition against the Verizon, AT&T and also the T-Mobile company and the company couldn’t invest in the network. This has resulted in not so good experience for the consumers. It has led to the losses of the subscribers that resulted in the weakening of the ability of Sprint to cope up with the changes taking place in the industry. The chairman of the Sprint Company, Masayoshi Son has actually cash and the stock merger with the Charter and this idea would lead to the creation of the publicly traded firm that would be combining the Sprint and the Charter. Both of these in turn would come under the control of the Son’s Softbank.

These days cables and wireless firms are trying to circle each other

These days both the cables and the wireless firms have been trying to circle each other as consumers today watch videos and at the same time access internet from their mobile phones. Through the combination of the Sprint and Charter, the consumers can be offered the full suite of the comprehensive telecommunication services that will include the home broadband internet and the wireless plans. The Charter and the Comcast Corporation has been in talks with the Sprint .If this deal would be closed, it would allow the cable firms to resell their wireless services under their own brand name.

This deal would allow the cable firm to resell wireless services under its own brand name

The closing of this deal will pave a way for the Sprint to hold the discussion with the T- mobile or some of the other partners too .The Charter has a separate pact with the Compact and that might pose a complication in its deal with the Sprint. This possibly could mean that if Charter strikes a deal with the Sprint, the Compact would have the full rights to say in this matter.

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