New shows coming to Netflix in May


Check out whole list of new titles that will be coming up on Netflix in May

Netflix is one of the leading subscription service for watching TV shows and also movies. As a part of the Netflix’s membership program, viewers can download the Netflix app on their smart phones and can watch their favourite television shows and movies instantly.

Amazing and new batch of intriguing titles are lined up on Netflix

This new month will be coming up with the amazing and new batch of the titles on Netflix’s streaming services. It is going to add a complete range of new movies along with the popular TV shows. Viewers will be able to stream instantly entertaining shows and movies this summer season on Netflix. This means May is the month which will be completely dominated by the originals and this is going to keep you superbly busy and highly entertained this summer season. Let’s check out the whole list of new titles that will be coming up on Netflix this month.

Some of the high lights of May 2017 are given below:

Netflix originals

Well looking at the comedy genre, there will be third season of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt and audience will also be able to watch much awaited Aziz Ansari’s show in its second season known as Master of None. Looking at the stand up specials, you will be treated with special show by Tracy Morgan and also stand up show by Maria Bamford along with Sarah Silverman. Another exciting series will be House of cards which is coming again with its fifth season.

New TV shows on Netflix

There are many new and amazingly exciting TV shows that are lined up this season .Just after a week the series got finished on CW, Riverdale is coming to the Netflix now. This is a massive series and people are excited for its first season launched on Netflix.

New movies

In the realm of the movies, it is not that much exciting this season .You can watch the Forest Gump and also Inglorious Basterds which is coming up again although they have been removed last year. Another movie which can be mentioned in the highlights of this summer season is the War Machine, a Brad Pitt’s movie.Vewiers can also enjoy Handsome which is a comedy movie .Few of the non original movies which viewers can check out include Marvel’s Doctor Strange and also Inglorious Basterds which is going to hit Netflix towards the end of the may month.

Enjoy amazing and exciting dose of original content this season on Netflix

Just enjoy an amazing dose of the original content this season on Netflix. New month means so many movies and shows will be added to the Netflix .Some of the most intriguing programs and movies are going to hit the world’s leading streaming service this month and some of them are going to fade way too like the Fans of Scrubs and Jurassic Park too.

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