Microsoft Hololens


Hololens imparts a unique augmented reality experience to viewers

Hololens is the next stage of evolution in the field of computing. The Hololens which is being created by Microsoft Company encompasses the holographic computing. This device imparts a unique augmented reality experience to the users. The device is actually a magical piece of technology and it could change the way we see the world around us. The developer kit of the hololens looks like a consumer product itself. The headset comprises of the pair of concentric circles that actually unfold just like the rings of the 3 dimensional solar system. This amazing equipment actually runs on the holographic version of windows 10 itself and it is going to involve the users in their highly personalised computing environment .This is one of its kind revolutionary products and it brings all kinds of the holograph like visuals to the world of reality.

This is the first wireless and self contained holographic system

This product by the Microsoft Company will be the first wireless and self contained holographic system. It is going to project all the images over the vision of the users as the images will appear as the holograms. This technology will surely change the way you perceive the world around you. This device is considered as the augmented reality head set although the company labelled it as the mixed reality device which is somewhat similar to the project Alloy headset by the IBM Company. Within the headset of the hololens, there are two see through lenses which are holographic and they display all the images which are projected from the lenses. The hololens is imbibed with four of the cameras which are environment understanding, depth camera along with the light sensor and it allows the users to experience all the creations in the scale models.

The product imparts highly immersive and truly interactive holographic experience to users

The hololens enables the user to see, hear and also to interact with the holograms through the environment that user is surrounded with. There is no requirement to connect this headset to the PC. It is utilizing the high definition lenses along with the spatial sound technology for the creation of highly immersive and truly interactive holographic experiences. The product will be interjecting the virtual elements into the vision of the viewer and this indicates that it is not similar to all other kinds of the virtual reality headsets.

This device utilizes real world and overlays the virtual elements in it

This device solely utilizes the real world and overlays the virtual elements in it. The product is packed with the series of sensors and also the high end GPU, CPU. The Microsoft Company is claiming that it is providing much higher computing power that any other average system. This product can be utilized by many industries including the healthcare and it will surely transform the way people work. From teaching to the health industry, the potential of the hololens surely seem to be unlimited.

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