Little Nightmares Review


The game keeps players off balance by completely changing worlds around them

The Little Nightmares game follows dream logic where every new room that opens up in the game is totally different from the last one. The game keeps the players off balance by completely changing the worlds around them .The grotesque look and feel is what makes the game truly successful. It is being created by the Swedish game developer Tarsier Studios and the developers have really worked hard to make dream logic of the game truly realistic

The five hours of Little Nightmares are well paced without any kind of repetition

The Little Nightmares actually revolves around a young protagonist who is being killed by the monsters again and again and also there are environmental hazards that are encountered against the grim backdrop. Playing this game evokes a complete sense of helplessness in the players which is quite useful for the success of horror games. Player can play the role of a small girl who is called six and who is being trapped on the Maw which is a giant vessel of gamned soul where everyone is looking desperately for their next meal. The five hours of the game are well paced without any kind of repetition.

The side scrolling adventures are taking place in 3D space and oozes a unique style

The side scrolling adventures in the game are taking place in a 3D space and it surely oozes a unique style which amazes the players. One of the best parts of this horror game is surely its art and all its level drip with the bleak imagery which does a superb job of creating a terrible and completely depressing world. The game doesn’t rely on any of the jump scares. Through its amazing looks, this game paints a highly disturbing and creepy world which you would surely want to escape at the earliest. The Little Nightmares undoubtedly have many standouts moments and players will get to see the horror game in an entirely new light. However there is nothing new which has been offered in terms of the game play mechanics.

Little Nightmare will surely linger your mind for certainly longer period of time

Players will just be asked to push switches and find out the keys and even the puzzles that player has to run through will not be causing too much of the head scratching. Artistically the game is very interesting and engaging and this is a kind of disturbingly amazing game to look at. The horror game opens up just like a dream and it becomes increasingly unclear too whether the world you entered is a reality or is just a fantasy. Apart from the nightmarish imagery, there is also the profound horror that have been hinted at .The game lingers in the minds of players for certainly longer period of time and it has much more to offer than various other bombastic horror games that you already played. Little Nightmares is a new genre horror game that surely has new things to show you up.

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