iOS 11


iOS 11 update is going to be the best and the most sophisticated operating system

The iOS 11 was introduced this year on 5th June and it is actually the next generation version of the iOS of Apple. The CEO of Apple Company, Tim Cook announced that this update is going to be the best and the most sophisticated operating system and now we are moving to the iOS 11 version. It is going to introduce few of the subtle design changes in the interface elements. For example there will be bolder text and also few of the apps like calculator and also the iphone will be having the newer look .In fact the features like lock screen and also the control centre has been completely reformed and redesigned in an entirely new way.

Customize control panel

Users can customise the control panel too and there are plenty of options for the inclusion of the wider range of settings in the new version of iOS. This new operating system will not be splitting across the multiple screens and there is an expansion in the 3D touch integration.

Share your wireless connectivity with others without communicating password

Security of the WIFI connection is crucial for using the smart phones but sometime sharing your password is quite irritating. The iOS 11 is surely going to make it easier for you to share your wireless connectivity without telling your password but the thing is everyone should be using the iOS devices for this to work out.

Single handed keyboard

This time IOS 11 has followed android in providing the built in single handed mode for the keyboard and thus the user will be having one of his hand free to tap out his message. Even the keys have become easier to press and this is going to help especially when you are using the bigger size iPhone models.

Updated camera in new iOS can read OR codes

The updated camera app in the new iOS version has the ability to read the OR codes and the OR codes are immensely useful especially when you are travelling like they can provide you an instant access to the Wi-Fi network. It also enables the users to share their contact details with others and you can even send your personal details to a particular website as well. The iOS 11 operating system is far more intuitive than ever and provides a chance to the user to do multitasking.

The lock screen will come at the bottom without a separate notification centre window

The second app can be opened right from the Dock itself and both the applications will be going to remain active in the slide over and also in the split view. There is also the merging of the lock screen as well as the noticification centre in the new iOS .When the user will pull down from the top of the phone, then the lock screen will come at the bottom and not a separate notification centre window. The new IOS 11 is bringing a lot many changes to the iPhone and the IPad than ever like there are innovative camera modes, siri is going to become smarter and also it is also thrusting into the world of augmented reality.

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