Intel CEO stepping down from Trump’s advisory board


Intel CEO is stepping down from the President Trump’s advisory board

The month of August this year is watching lots of political power plays which can definitely define an era. Mr. President and his direct support to the white nationalist movement is something which is quite different from the other presidential acts in generations. The racist and the modern neo-nazis have rampaged in Charlottesville in the past weekend with their “Unite the Right” rally. President delivered a statement in which he actually denounced the hats groups at the centre of the violent attack.

There are series of withdrawals from the Trump’s advisory board

Trump’s statements and the long question answer session in the trump tower have a huge impact on the white nationalists as well as Klansmen. The former Ku Klux Klan leader David Duke and white nationalist leader Robert Spencer have thanked Mr. President as well as stated their interest to encourage more such protests in the near future. However, that long conversation and the statements in the Trump tower have created many political tensions among Democrats and Republicans. According to one of the well-known Democrat McAuliffe, president’s statement in the Trump tower has brought the unwanted spotlight on a peaceful college town.

The divided political climate is causing lots of harm to the critical issues

Moreover, the presidential employees, as well as chairman of NEC Mr. Cohn as a Jewish, had felt uncomfortable due to those statements. The influence of those statements has taken another wrong turn when the CEO of Intel Krzanich has stepped aside from his place in the Trump’s job advisory board. This highly significant and visible protest against Trump’s Council is the first protest among the tech giants in the industry. Krzanich has made the protest quite clear via his notes in Intel’s policy blog. According to Brian Krzanich, the policies and political agendas are somehow moving far from the aim of rebuilding America’s manufacturing hub. He also stated that his resignation is to seek the attention of Americans on the negative influences of divided political climate.

President Trump prompted a firestorm when he refused to condemn which supremacists

However, the “many sides” remark of Mr. President was initially met with a shrug by other industrial giants like DELL, GE, Intel, and others. In this context, the statement of Dell’s CEO who was present in the council is highly significant. According to Michael Dell, they will remain in the “no comment” zone for Intel’s decision and will continue their job in the advisory panel of the president. In his tweet, Krzanich also called all the country leaders to protest against the same. Moreover, his statement has made it clear that the resignation is for equality and progress of the country.

This is actually the most notable firings as well as resignation in the administration of Mr. Trump

The Virginia rally with one dead and many injured innocent victims has encouraged other executives of Trump’s advisory panel to resign from their posts. According to the latest information, the sportswear retailer Under Armour and Pharmaceutical Company Merck have followed the same path of Intel indicating failure of the president’s encouraging statement for white nationalists. Moreover, the CEO of Merck Mr. Frazier is one of the high profile Afro-American in the country. His resignation has criticized president’s council for the Virginia case tremendously. Therefore, it is crystal clear that Americans are not ready to accept white nationalism even if it gets President’s support.

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