How to stop blue light from disturbing your sleep?


The screen of mobile devices emits blue light which disrupts user’s night sleep

The screen of the mobile device emits the blue light and it has been found that the blue light can disrupt the sleep of the user during the night time. Although the blue light is fine during the day time .The blue light stimulates the brain and it fools the brain into the thought that it is actually the day time .This keeps the mobile phone user awake at night in case he uses the mobile device before the bed time.

This blue light problem is encountered in all types of platforms

Well this blue light problem is encountered all the time whether you are using an iOS, Android or any of the Windows 10 devices. Looking at the iOS, the Night Shift mode actually changes the colour temperature of the screen to the one which is less stimulating. Well on the Android models, some of the applications do take care of this blue light problem .The Creator Update of the Windows 10 is offering the Night Light feature which is capable of shifting the colour temperature.

Let’s check out how this blue light mode works on three different platforms

iPhone or iPad

You have to make sure that your iPhone runs on the iOS 9.3 or the higher version. You have to tap on the Settings>Display and Brightness. Then moving to the display and brightness screen, you can tap on the night shift setting. This will be altering the screen temperature of your gadget to a warmer colour and it filters out the blue light. Well even the night shift mode can also be set into the action from the day time to the night time. Go to the main settings of the screen, then tap on the Privacy>Location services. Then you have to scroll to location services screen and tap on the system services icon. Turn the option setting time zone on and you can go back to the Night Shift settings and click on the scheduled times. Then go to night shift screen tap and click on the setting –Manually Enable until Tomorrow. This lets the blue screen fitter gets into action and it will be staying until the start of the next day.

Android Phones

The Google has already added a Night mode feature which filters out the blue light. This has been added in the Android Noughat but this feature is left out till the final release of the operating system. You can try out some of the apps which filters out the blue light in the Android devices.

Windows 10 device

Well even when you are using the windows 10 based device, you can encounter the same kind of problem when you are trying to catch up a sound sleep at night. Well there is a solution to fix up this issue too. There is a creator Update which is featuring a Night Light option. This is going to fill your gadget’s screen with the warmer and user friendly colours. You have to run the creator update and then right click on the start button that will display the power menu. Then you have to click on the start button> settings> system. But always make sure that the first setting on display gets active and then you can click on the link Night light settings.

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