Google I/O 2017


Google IO developer conference has thrown light on some of the big and most fascinating plans

The annual Google IO developer conference took place in between May 17 to May 19,2017.The conference has taken place at Shoreline Amphitheatre in California .Lets check out the keynotes and the various announcements that has taken place in the event. An update on Android was also revealed by Dave Burke who is VP of engineering and he revealed that there were around 82 billion apps and also large number of games that had been installed by the users of Android in the last year itself.

Android O is going to boost your mobile phone’s intelligence

Picture to picture integration has been added in the upcoming android 0. It is going to come along with the auto fill which is similar to the chrome users. The auto fills has been extended to the apps. There is also a new feature added which is called Smart Text Selection.

Standalone Day Dream versus Headsets

Another big announcement that was made in the conference is that Google has now teamed up with the Qualcomm to develop s standalone Day Dream headset. This is based on the day dream platform but it eliminates the need to dock the mobile phone into the headset by the user which makes it better. The head mounted display comprises of all kind of necessary features which includes a display, processor and also the positional tracking.

Google Assistant has been updated

The company confirmed that Google Assistant Virtual helper will be supporting all kinds of typing requests especially when the user doesn’t want to talk aloud. Also significant improvements have been made in the way the Google assistant understands the commands of the user. Also there is an introduction of the new Google Assistant SDK and this is going to help out third parties to develop Google Assistant in to their devices.

Google Assistant also landing on iPhone

It has been announced that Google assistant virtual help will also be available on the devices that run on iOS.This software was launched in the year 2016 but till now it has been only available on the Google based devices. But in the coming times, even the iphone users will be able to download the Google assistant application. This app can be downloaded directly from the apple’s app store and it will emerge as a direct rival to the Apple’s Siri.

Google pictures are going to get better

The Google will be rolling out the sharing feature that allows the users to share their Google photos. This is going to help out the users to promptly share their images with the people. Google has also announced an updated feature of shared libraries which will allow the users to share out the entire group of the user’s photos with that person. So now your friends will never miss out the chance to view the group selfie that you have clicked from your Smartphone.

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