Facebook’s patent on secret tracking via Webcam


Face book is planning to secretly watch and record its users by utilizing secret tracking technology

Social networking giant, Face book has a plan to secretly watch and record its users by utilizing the webcams along with the smart phone’s camera systems. A new patent has been discovered and the company will be using the secret tracking technology to observe the facial expressions of its users that will be changing when they will be viewing the different kinds of content on the social networking site. So the company would be secretly watching and recording all its users.

Facebook’ algorithm would take the note of the user’s facial expressions in real time

Let’s check out how this secret technology would be working. It just that if the user looks at the picture of his friend and would be smiling for instance then the algorithm of the Face book will be taking the note of that expression and it will be displaying more of the pictures of the same friend. The application of the patent was submitted in the year 2014 and even it was published in 2015 too but it could be spotted only recently.

Some people have termed this secret tracking technology as an ethical manifest

Now the company is looking forward to get close to its users and would be spying on them through the secret tracking system. For specifically targeting the advertisements towards its users, the company would be watching the emotions of the users through webcams in real time. So if the user would be looking sad then that kind of advertisement that could make him happy would be popping up on his screen.Howver there is no clarity yet whether Face book will be implementing this technology or not and some of the people have termed it as an ethical manifest too.

The intention of the firm is to determine which type of content is more engaging

The intention of the company behind this is to determine the type of content that is more engaging and this is like responding to the reactions of the audiences. However detecting the emotion of the people is not an easy task technically. The Face book would be analysing the user’s images and it will find out how they are feeling and later the firm will be using this information to keep the users engaged to their website for long.

No announcements have been made so far when this plan will be put into action

Last year there was a picture which was posted by the Mark Zuckerberg which showed that he is covering the webcam along with the microphone with a tape and when people viewed it became the topic of discussion and fuelled speculation among the public. There will also be an innovative text message platform that may come up and this is going to reveal how hard a user may type and this information could be used to find out how user is feeling at that moment. However no announcements have been made so far when this plan will be put into action and even there is no guarantee whether it will be realised in future or not.

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