Chip Implants for our brain


Brain implant technology sounds completely unrealistic but it will be realised soon

Think about the idea of installing chip into the human brain for memory boost? Looks like an idea picked from the science fiction movie? Brain implant technology sounds completely unrealistic .But it is going to be realised soon and brain implant chip for the enhancement of human memory is definitely coming up in the near future. The idea is much like a science fiction movie but this idea will soon be realised by Dr. Gary Marcus who is a psychology professor working in New York University. He wrote a book ‘Kluge” in 2008 and described the limitations of human mind in it. He mentioned that human memory is quite poorly organised and a brain chip can be utilized for the memory boost which would incredibly be useful to treat many kinds of neurodegenerative disorders.

The brain implantable chip can be utilised to treat neurogenerative diseases

The Centre for Sensorimotor Neural Engineering (CSNE) has partnered with the Washington University to design and develop a system on a chip and it can be implanted into the brain of humans. The brain implantable chip can be utilised to treat several kinds of neurogenerative diseases like Parkinson’s diease, Alzheimer’s diseases and also conditions like paralysis. The chip is going to play a crucial role in carrying out the decoding of all kinds of complicated signals which arise within human brains.

The chip would enable patients to perform their routine tasks and to receive sensory feedback

The chip can facilitate their digitization which may result in the complete control of the functions of body muscles. This chip can actually help people who are suffering from some kind of brain and spinal injuries and this system will enable the patients not only to perform their routine tasks but they will also be able to receive sensory feedback. The chip has to be small but extremely efficient and powerful as well to tackle various kinds of brain related disorders and it should be capable of decoding the complicated signals formulated with in human brain.

The chip sends electrical signals which match up with brain patterns

The chip is going to send the electrical signals which will match up with the existing brain pattern and is going to mimic the long term memory development process. The pioneering system is going to convert short term memory into the long term and it will result in the overall enhancement of the memory. So building a tiny chip which can be implanted into the human brains is no longer a science fiction and neuroscientists are actually working on its development.

The chip implant technology is surely going to give a boost to human minds

There is a hope among people that in longer terms this chip is going to boost the human intelligence, memory and their capability to perform cognitive tasks. The chip would work as a steroid for the human brain and it will be inevitably made and sold in the near future. The brain implant chips have already been tested on rats and monkeys successfully and it could be commercially available in the near future to give a boost to human memory too.

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