Chinese bans Homosexual content from Internet


The new regulations in China will be prohibiting the portrayals of homosexuality online

The new regulations which have been issued by China will be prohibiting the portrayals of the homosexuality along with the prostitution and drug addiction. The rule came into picture this month. It has been stated that all the platforms of the online videos must hire minimum three professional censors.Thes professional censors will have to view the entire program and take down anything which can be considered against the political and the aesthetic standards of the country.

This is an effort by the country to tighten the censorship rules

The human rights groups working in China saw this measure as an effort by the country to tighten the censorship rules. Even the celebrity gossip blogs were also closed down as they are termed as something which is fulfilling the vulgar taste of the people. All kind of the depiction of homosexuality is actually banned from the online videos in the country. This has been done in an effort to make the internet free from all kind of vulgar and unpatriotic content. As per the new guidelines issues by the Government officials, the homosexuality is falling in the category of abnormal sexual behaviour and also the indecent and behaviour and sexual violence is banned.

These guidelines were passed by Net casting Service Association on Friday

These guidelines were passed by the Net casting Service Association of the country this Friday. They are applicable to all types of the audio visual content. The content which is being developed has to be reviewed by the auditor who will make sure that this content is in adherence to the socialist core values and it is not hurting the sentiments of the people. This is not the first time the country has blocked the homosexual content. Last year the Government officials banned the portrayal of homosexuality in any form from the television too. The portrayals were called quite immoral, vulgur and also unhealthy .The country has tightened the scrutiny of the online content and this has been done in the run up to the National Congress.

Even mocking freedom fighters of the country is totally forbidden

Even mocking the freedom fighters of the country is totally forbidden along with the ban on portraying any form of the ethnic discord. The first of the cyber security law in the country was enforced last month and it has imparted the Government high end powers to defend the personal information of the citizens in order to support national security.

The new rules sparked debates and oppositions from people on social media

The new rules have sparked debates and also the oppositions from people on the social media .The Gay Voice which is China’s gay magazine said that homosexuality is a normal behaviour. It should not at all be treated in a different manner. These regulations will be causing harm to the LGBT community of the country who are already under lots of prejudice and discrimination.

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