Apple to replace Mac’s CPUs with in-house design by 2020


A Bloomberg report claims Apple is working on an in-house CPU to replace the Intel CPUs on Mac’s

The report says that Apple might be able to ship computers with these chips as early as 2020

Why Apple is going on this path

This was always on the implementation list of Apple since 2005 when Apple switched from PowerPC to Intel architecture

Apple has many advantages for this

  • Freedom from Intel
  • Apple can develop new versions of Mac without being dependent on Intel for the latest versions of CPU

  • A path to differentiation
  • Apple focuses on developing its own chips so that they can provide something better and different from others, you can see the same with A11 Bionic processor used in the latest iPhone range

    Apple has now more experience in designning its own, they may have developed an exact combination of power usage and performance which is required as since they design both the chips and software themself

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