Apple revamps web design for App Store


Apple Company has revamped the look of its App Store

The Apple Company has updated the web design of its App store. The website surely has the feel of the iOS 11 app store but now the company has completely redesigned it .The functionality of the App store is same just like the previous design .But what comes out to be different this time is its simpler design. This might be due to an increase in the amount of the white space. Also there is a slight more emphasis this time on the reviews. The preview web interface of the Apple’s app store has been redesigned and this has been done to match its design to the iOS11 app store.

The company also reminds its users that its applications are available on its App store for iOS-based devices

The design of the App store has been completed with the much prominent icons, large preview images as well as the clean page layout. There is also a big sized app icon which is present at the top of each and every page. It is lying next to the app’s name, developer, rating and also the purchase information. It appears quite similar to the past App store preview iterations. Well in case if the app has been optimized for the iPhone X, the company will now be showing the screenshots for the same and not the screenshots from the other mobile phone models. The company also reminds its users that its applications are available on its App store for the iOS-based devices. The new design of the home page has been very effectively utilized. The white spaces that it has ensure that the eyes of the consumer are drawn immediately to the products which are there on the image slider.

The revamped site of Apple has earned quite a high reputation for an extremely attractive brand identity and also clean layouts

The revamped site of the company has earned quite a high reputation for the extremely attractive brand identity and also the clean layouts. Just below the main banner, there are screenshots of the apps which are arranged by the device. For example, the newly revamped app by the name of the Apple Insider comprises of the assets for the iPhone, iPad and also the Apple Watch. Earlier the same space has been occupied by the description about the app but now it has been changed with this newly redesigned app store in the iOS 11.Instead, now the description of the applies just below the screenshot module which means the users have to scroll down the web page for gaining access to the informational text. The description shrinks into just a single paragraph but the visitors can click on the “more “option in order to view the entire text block.

The present change introduced in the website marks one of the biggest transformations in both the content and also in the presentation

The company launched its web previews in the year 2010 and allows its customers to browse the mobile applications which were there on the desktop without going through its iTunes. Although its online interfaces has seen a lot of updates over the past few years but the present change introduced by the company marks one of the biggest transformation in both the content and also in the  presentation.

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