Apple changed Maps icon


Apple made some significant changes in Maps icon

In the worldwide developer’s conference, the Apple Company has announced the appearance of iOS 11 beta in digital market. The announcement was in the month of June. Since then Apple is changing some significant icons of important apps. Some of the interesting changes include the modification of map icon as well as the app store icon. The recent changes are visible in iculture for the potential users. Since the time of iPhone’s inception, the icon was used to show an infinite loop representing the location of Apple company’s headquarter. However, the digital giant is now opening its new spaceship campus known as the Apple Park. It is significant that the icons are changing at the same time. The changed map icon shows a sliver of the spaceship campus now.

The spaceship campus of Cupertino, California is the inspiration of this changed icon

According to the report of “The Verge” the spaceship campus of Cupertino, California is the inspiration of this changed icon. Apple also has changed the logo of app store as well as the pen and brush icon. The pen and brush icon now looks like lots of overlapping sticks. The iOS 11 files are still in beta which means all of these may have been changed in appearance. Moreover, the Verge report had stated that other icons may go through slight changes to provide overall fresh look for the beta version. It is also suggested that either there will be slight changes to the icons or fragments of the iOS 11 may go back to the iOS 10 version. For example, the numbers of the Apple clock seems a little bit thicker and users may see changes in the icons like the contacts, reminder and notes apps.

The change in the map reminds users of the old times of iOS 6

The opening of the new spaceship campus may be the major reason behind this Map icon change as Apple iOS designers seem looking for a change. The change in the map reminds the users of the old times of iOS 6 when during the launch it received high negative responses from the users. According to the users that version of Apple map was inferior to Google maps considering the information and features. Moreover, the iOS 6 version of the map used to provide incorrect navigation information which was later corrected in the iOS 7 version. The current Apple map with the iOS 11 beta version is perfect and has huge impact on the users. Therefore the change from infinite loop to the sliver should be visible to the users.

The $5 billion dream project of Apple Company needs highlight in a unique way

The change can also help Apple advertising the Cupertino based spaceship campus as Apple is on the verge of opening the gate of this campus. In the month of August, a drone flyby video was surfaced in the social media showing the finishing touches to the spaceship campus. The video courtesy goes to the drone videographer Duncan Sin field and the video highlights the work in the spaceship campus ring as well as tree and other greenery plantation in the 175 -acre spaceship campus of Apple. Therefore, this $5 billion dream project of Apple Company needs highlight in a unique way. The Apple’s own versions and icons are best option for the same.

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