Android O


Google is coming up with the next generation of its mobile software

Google is coming up with its latest version of Android and this is something which is better than the last one. The company has announced the next generation of its mobile software android which is powering majority of the smart phones on earth today. The new software will be called as Android O and this is going to be an unfinished version. Google has named each of its android versions in the alphabetical order.

Let’s have a look at its features below:

Extended battery life

Well the new stuff will have better battery life along with more control over the notifications .So the updated version of android is will give priority to the improvement in the battery life. The users will now have more control over the notifications over its apps.When the user swipe down all kinds of notifications, he is going to see the first visual change in this newest version of android. There will be a new and condensed font for showing up time and date and this is going to occupy less space in the latest version.

Quick settings

When you will open the quick setting screen, then you are going to see the varied colour schemes for the pixels in comparison to the nexus devices .In the android O version, quick setting option will have a line underneath and will have a double function .Users just have to tap those icon and can toggle the setting on or off.

Ultra power saving mode

No doubt every customised Android UI has this feature. This feature would be helpful in the case when it will appear automatically after certain value of the threshold battery percentage.

Update to the latest WebView

With an update to the latest WebView, Google is trying to make your Smartphone highly secure. The web View update in the android O will make it challenging for the malicious code applications to carry out the theft of your personal information.

Picture in picture view

Another feature of the newest android version is the picture in picture view on the smart phones and tablets and this enables users to keep watching the videos while using other applications at the same time as well. This much needed feature was also present in the android TV. There will also be better auto fill option which will be extended to the users and your message boxes will be filled with your name and address and there is no need to type them all the time.

Adaptive launcher icons

The android O is also introducing innovative adaptive launcher icons and they are going to display varieties of the shapes on various device models. So this means an app can have a circular shaped icon on home screen of the phone or it may be rectangular on some other phone.

Develop unified system

The new platform also enables developers to develop a unified system. This is something that will let the users to manage the noticifications as and when they see them. With the introduction of the new Bluetooth audio codecs, users will be able to connect and stream to the wireless audio device and that too with an excellent quality.

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