What to do if you forgot password for File Vault protected Mac


What is File Vault?

File Vault is surely doing an extraordinary work in protecting the user’s Mac. Some of the Mac users might have come across a situation where the system they purchased is protected by File Vault and they forgot its password. Looking at what File Vault does is? It protects your Mac in two ways- first is when your Mac is at rest the start-up drive of the system will be fully encrypted. Even when the data can be extracted, it will be derived in the unusable format. With the full encryption of the disk, the operating system of the Mac will not be able to boot into your system. It can boot a special part of your system’s recovery disk .The boot process will provide a log in screen which is having similarity to the main Mac login but it has accounts that are enabled with File Vault access.

User can recover his lost File Vault password or he can delete password

If user will be able to enter the correct password for one of those accounts, then the operating system of Mac will carry out the decryption of the volume encryption key and then it will pass the boot to the start up partition and provides you the confirmation that you are able log in correctly.

Ways to recover lost File Vault password

User can recover his lost File Vault password or he can delete one but under this condition user will lose everything but will gain the ability to use his system again.

Change File Vault Recovery Key

In case you are looking to alter the recovery key which is being utilized to encrypt the start up disk then you just have to turn off your File Vault in the security and the privacy settings .Then you can turn it on again and just generate a new key. This action is going to disable the older keys.

Erase password with the recover

The Mac users have to hold down the command R which is there at the start up and then the File Vault partition can be erased by utilizing the disc utility. After than the reinstallation of the Mac operating system can be done.

Delete with the help of the Start Up Drive

File Vault is protecting the start up drive of your system from access and what user can do is he can hold down the option at the start up itself and then he can select other attached drive volume which are having the valid Mac operating system start up partition .By booting user can actually wipe out the File Vault. User in this case has to reinstall the operating system again on the drive to remove the recovery disk settings.

Utilize Internet Recovery option

At the start up itself user has to hold down the command option R and then one can select the reinstall macOS.This will help in retrieving the macOS from the internet and this is going to take some more of the user’s time in the case when the internet connection is slow.

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