Mac OS Sierra


Mac OS Sierra is the new generation Mac operating system and is launched with the bunch of innovative features like auto unlocking with the help of the apple watch and fully integrated Siri that performs highly specialized functions which are similar to the one available on iOS and along with that there are also certain Mac OS Sierra specific applications too.

Some of the features of the Mac OS Sierra have been outlined below:

Siri on the desktop
Mac OS Sierra users can start Siri with the help of a new menu bar short cut that is placed in the right top corner of the desktop. There are bunch of whole new Siri’s commands which have been added to the Mac.

Photos take better approach

Photos for MAC got the similar machine learning based photo categorization as images for iOS.It has new features embedded like detection of scenes, moods and the new face recognition tool in Mac OS Sierra which is much more advanced and new.

Better URL previews in the message

One of the improvement in the in the Mac is the addition of the better URL previews and now the users can send or receive messages which includes better view of the URL links and the message will have the name or possibly an image of the page that is referenced to and the content is displayed in a highly attractive preview box.

Cloud sharing of notes

Just by clicking on the share button which is on the top of the notes window and by choosing the method of sharing ,users can share notes via messages, twitter etc. and at the same time notes can be edited and changes will be shown with in few seconds only.

Efficient Storage management

Sync the desktop and the document folder with the icloud and there is also an option to delete the local copies that are created and get stored in the icloud.

Automatic unlock using the apple watch

A subtle feature is included in the Mac OS Sierra which is called auto unlock and for apple watch users one need not to enter the password to open the machine and users will get immediate access to the machine by just walking and opening it.

Storage optimization

The feature automatically frees up the storage space and infrequently used items are removed itself when SSD is running out of storage and also removes the unnecessary items from the MAC and also keep on sending reminders to the users to delete the used apps installers and remove duplicate files ,downloads etc.

View desktop on any other device

With Mac OS Sierra, users can view the documents on any Mac or any other device. The innovative feature will automatically upload the files on the desktop to one of the folder in the i cloud drive enabling the users to access information anytime and from anywhere.

Copy and paste from one device to the other

The new operating system allows the users to copy and paste the useful information between different devices. One has to hit copy and hit paste and the information get dropped into the document that is opened on the desktop.

Better music

The new iOS version favors the bolder fonts and enlarged album artwork and it completely redefines the way users browse their album collection. There is a “library” tab and another one like “for you” tab which carries out the frequent updates adding the new collection to the playlist every day.

Mac OS Sierra comes with a handful of innovative features and has completed revamped the lock screen, introduced slew of advanced features in messenger with a list of improvements in earlier features.

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