How to Transfer Files from Windows to Mac?



Bought a new Mac ? the firstquestion which comes to mind is how to transfer the files from Windows to Mac??

First things first, we can only transfer files from Windows to Mac not our software applications as both operating systems have different file type requirement and installation files.

Will I not be able to use the applications which I used on Windows? Yes you can but the software names may change, let have a look at popular

Windows software and the same for Mac

Microsoft Office for Windows Microsoft Office for Mac
Adobe Reader for Windows Adobe Reader for Mac
VLC Player for Windows VLC Player for Mac
Sticky Notes in Windows Stickies Widgets in Mac
WinRAR for Windows WinRAR for Mac
Mozilla Firefox for Windows Mozilla Firefox for Mac
Windows Media Player Itunes

How to Transfer files? We have 4 Methods to do the task

  • Method- 1
  • Use of Portable hard Drives

    Get a portable Hard Drive depending upon your data in the Windows System, better would be 1 TB as it can act as your backup drive in case you have to face data loss

  • Method- 2
  • Use a Cloud Storage Method

    Get a Cloud account with any Cloud Service provider and install their desktop application and drag and drop all the files and folders and wait for the Sync to complete, once completed install the same application for Mac and login with your account so that the files are synced

  • Method- 3
  • Use a Direct Connection

    You can even use a CAT6 Ethernet Cable and connect both systems Windows and Mac and transfer files, but it requires some more information, as follows:


  • Step 1: Copy all the data in a single drive and change the sharing setting for the drive and make it share on the network

  • Step 2: Connect both the systems using CAT6 Cable, make sure you are plugging in the Ethernet Port

  • Step 3: Run ipconfig on Windows CMD

  • Step 4: Look for IP of your Windows PC

  • Step 5: Click Connect to Server from the GO Menu in Mac

  • Step 6: Type smb://IP Address of the PC and click connect

  • Step 7: It might ask for password if Windows PC has a password enter the same
  • All the files are now visible from your Mac just copy the files.

  • Method- 4
  • Using Windows Migration Assistant

    This method is the best method for migration as it tranfers all the personal information and preferences

    Follow the steps below:

  • Disable all Anti Virus and Firewalls installed on your Windows PC and Login as Administrator on Windows
  • Download Windows Migration Assistant for Windows its pre installed on Mac
  • Use a Wireless Router or a CAT6 Cable to connect both the systems
  • Once the systems are connected run Windows Migrator on Windows and Mac
  • On Windows Click Search for Mac
  • Select the Information that you want to transfer
  • Once the transfer is complete you will be promted to enter a password so that you can continue using your Mac
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