Dok Malware


OSX/DoK malware is targeting all versions of Mac operating systems X

One of the famous malicious software which is now hitting your operating system is the OSX/DoK.This one is found to be the latest one and quite dangerous which can hit your Mac. It is targeting all the versions of the Mac operating systems X .This malware attacks your system when you will open a .zip archive which is attached to your email. Some people get suspicious on receiving this kind of archive when they found it attached to their email. DoK malware has been found on the Virus Total and thus it is not going to get picked up by any kind of the security system which is running on your MAC system.

DoK malware is attacking OSX systems by targeted email phishing campaigns

Some of the people have the notion that when you are running OSX you will be saved from all kinds of malware. But this is something which is not true anymore. This new malware OSX/Dok is more or less affecting all the versions of the OSX. This has been attacking OSX systems by the email phishing campaigns which are performed in a highly coordinated manner. On completion of the OSX attack, the attacker will gain full control of the user’s communication and this is not even going to leave the communications which have even been encrypted by the SSL. The victimized user’s traffic is redirected to the malicious proxy server. As of now it is mostly targeting the European users and it is likely to spread in other parts of the world as well.

Capture account credentials and causes theft of cash and data

This malware is fully capable of capturing even the account credentials and this may lead to the theft of the cash and the data as well. The OSX.Dok is coming and attacking the system by the name of the file and this is emailed to the victims through the phishing email campaigns. When the user falls for the scam, the ZIP file gets decompressed into document file and the icon looks similar to the earlier version of the preview app of the Apple. One thing victim will notice is that the icon will be pixelated in an odd manner .This is not a document but an application and in case at this point even if the user is suspicious and makes an attempt to quite it, the app will no longer going to appear in the force quit application window .

Attacker intercepts user’s internet traffic and spy on all activities of user

So just by opening a message user will be getting the Dok infection and it can potentially turn out to be highly damaging in case user don’t pay attention to the warning signals. This Dok malware is actually serving as a kind of reminder for the people who think they are safe just because they are using some kind of non standard platform which is not the truth. The attacker intercepts the user’s internet traffic and can spy on all the user’s activities and can also impersonate the websites .It may even get deleted when the intrusions are completed.

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