CleanMyMac 3


CleanMyMac 3 consists of clean up tools, health notifications and optimization utilities. The software cleans up entire Mac system, scans for old forgotten files, removes apps and leftover pieces, perform maintenance scripts and monitor’s Mac health. It has the tremendous ability to remove Gigabytes of junk in just 2 clicks. The new features for cleaning iTunes, maintenance and privacy settings are awesome. Everything works absolutely perfectly. Moreover, the new user interface also looks great. Once the junks are cleared the Mac regains its optimum speed. The application securely gets rid of files including the digital footprint. Once the confidential data are deleted, it is not coming back.

Key Features:

  • One Button Clearing: Macs are extremely easy to use. The application just relies on one button to scan each and every inch of the Mac and afterwards removes the junk findings. Only those files are selected that are 100% safe to delete. Hence, one need not worry about removing the wrong ones. It is not simply an automatic cleaning utility; it is also amazingly smart.
  • Smart Cleaners are Safe Cleaners: The number one priority is to keep the Mac safe. The safe clean up algorithm has been in the making for over 6 years. It is called the safety database and is a list of rules, items and exceptions that Clean Mac refers to very time while performing the cleaning operation. Clean Mac ensures that the right files are getting deleted.
  • Trim Gigabytes of photo library without losing a single picture: Photos does not contribute to the wastage of space. In fact the hidden copies in the photo library are responsible for space wastage. One sees anytime while editing or rotating a photo. Photos create a duplicate of the original and hid it for safe keeping. Clean Mac clean all without harming the photos. Photo junk searches photo library to locate unneeded copies of image kept by photos after it is rotated, cropped, resized or otherwise edited.
  • Mail is a lot heavier than it looks: Each and every attachment one receives in mail from PDFs to signature gets saved to Mac. Manually cleaning Gigabytes of attachments may take huge amount of time. Clean Mac saves the user from all the trouble. The application mail attachment sorts all the little extras downloaded via mail by the file type. If one needs to restore a file, one can always open the mail it came in and re-download the file.
  • Bring old files out of depths: Clean Mac identifies all the old files one has forgotten about on hard drive. It scans disks and folders drives to show the files that have not been opened in a long time. Clean Mac large & old files scan entire Mac and bring all the files to the surface. Besides, it allows to see what is what based on a file size, data last opened and type.
  • Most Homes have more than one trash bin: Macs also have more than one trash bin. Clean Mac empties all of them with just one click. It finds all the trash bins – external drive trashes, photos trash, mail trash and other app specific trashes. In case there is an error when it comes to emptying the trash, Clean Mac allows to empty trash without restriction. Overall, it is cleanliness at a moment notice.

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