iPad Battery Not Charging ?



Recently I came across a issue with my iPad, it was not charging while being connected to the wall socket the battery kept discharging and I started to look up why was this happening and didn’t get any perfect answer or explanation why this was happening.

All I came across was the following:

  • Check for any obstruction in the charging socket of the device
  • Check if the lighting cable is OK
  • Check if the adapter is Original
  • Check if the power supply is OK

These are basic commmon sense, people would always check this and why would anyone use a duplicate or cheap cale when they have got the original one with them.

ipad bateery charging
So I though may be the issue is with the power socket and I checked for my iPod Touch 5th Gen and iPhone 5S they both charged like charm and I concluded that their is some issue with the iPad its not the charger nor the cable nor the power supply. Even I tried with my laptop USB to which both iPhone and my iPod Touch started charging and iPad showed a Not Charging Sign on the top.

ipad battery not charging
After doing a lot of research what I concluded that you can just follow the below mentioned steps to get you iPad charging quickly:

  • Put the iPad to Airplane mode
  • Switch Off Once and Turn back on again
  • Connect the lightning cable from the same power adapter and leave if for few hours


Yieppp the battery is now charged.

I am still not clear why this happened, but I have conlucded few things:

Never let your iPad battery drain less than 15%


If the battery is less than 15% always connect to a charger on Airplane Mode this chargers faster

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