iOS 10.0


iOS 10 is the new version of the operating system developed by Apple and is a successor of iOS 9 .It is an improvement over the previous operating system with various add-ons and innovative features to enhance the user’s experience. There are new features which are added to the apps with some of the previous features retained and upgraded to the latest iOS 10 operating system software that has been designed for i pads and i phone.

10 best features of iOS 10 operating system

  • Better design and enhanced user experience
  • Onscreen notifications have become more active and there are many 3D touch shortcuts that will enable the user to respond to the notifications in a better way. User can accept invitations and reply to the messages while being on the locked screen

  • Siri with improved i-cloud voicemail system
  • Siri will transcribe the voicemail messages into the text and the user will be able to read through the messages instead of spending lots of time in listening them. The feature will also be telling the caller why the user is away or can’t answer the call now.

  • Capable camera app
  • It enables the user to have full control over the images and settings and provides a customized exposure for each and every photograph with decent control over the shutter speed, focus, white balance and the exposure compensation for each image.

  • Advanced weather app
  • The advanced weather app forecasts information about the kind of weather that will be there on the path of user’s daily commute and if someone is texts for a meet up ,weather app will forecast the weather conditions of the unfamiliar location to make sure that user is prepared.

  • Maps for street view
  • With the utilization of the highly innovative feature street view ,user can take a look at the destination he wants to arrive at and one can find the landmark ,a new restaurant and can easily find the location of the friend’s apartment with the with the help of the smart street view app.

  • Customized control center
  • One can easily access the customized control center just by a swipe from the bottom of the iPhone and there are settings that help in controlling of the air plane mode, Wi-Fi and provide a quick access to the brightness and also music control along with the addition of simple useful features to the control center.

  • Removal of stock apps
  • iOS 10 enables the users to remove all kinds of stock apps like health, photos, calendar and various others.

  • Improved control panel
  • Control panel has been improved in iOS 10 with the improvement in the interface of the control panel and addition of a new page for the music app. So now control panel contains two pages one page is for the toggles and the shortcuts and the other is for the music control.

  • Separate mail, contacts and challenger settings
  • In iOS 10, the mail, contacts and calendar settings are separate and are now broken into separate panels which save the time of the user when he is looking to alter the settings of the apps.

  • Faster home kit settings
  • With the help of iOS 10 ,user can easily open up the settings of the new home app through the control center itself and all one has to do is to swipe left two times to get to the home settings and then one can force press on the enabled home kit devices to carry out the quick settings.

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