How to make best use of iCloud ?



Cloud hard drive offers several advantages over traditional hard drive. Security of data, easy sharing and elimination of hardware resources are some of many advantages. Once online storage captured public imagination, several companies started offering cloud storage services. Google Drive, iCloud and Dropbox are few prominent ones. iCloud is Apple’s online storage service designed for managing Mac, Apple TV, iPhone, iPad and iTunes content more automatically and easier than ever. The service helps users to store documents, photos and music on remote servers. The same can be downloaded to iOS, Macintosh or Window devices to share and send data to other users.


iCloud is one of the best online storage services. It is a free service from Apple. Starting out, 5GB storage is offered free of cost. It can be upgraded up to 50 GB depending on requirement. Below listed are some ways to make best use of the service:

Sync your Life: Primary purpose here is to transfer all contents from all of devices. Stating out with Mac, contacts, calendars and bookmarks can be synced between Mac and other iOS devices. Find My Mac could also be activated in case Mac misplaced or stolen. Once iCloud is set up on Mac or iOS device, a list of features can be enabled.


Mail: Syncing of mail is the first thing that comes in mind. Initial set up of iCloud provides a free “” account. However, with iOS 6 “ is available. Using mail option iCloud can push email from that account to whichever device is enabled. It can come in handy if it is used frequently.


Contacts, Calendars and Reminders: Enabling contacts allows syncing of contacts, address book across all devices including Mac. Contacts in cloud remain up-to-date on any connected device. Example: If a contact is added on iPad, same information will be synced with iPhone, Mac, etc. Calendars and reminders follow the same rule. Using iCloud with reminders is extremely convenient. Calendar has the same operation.


Bookmarks and Notes: Bookmarks in iCloud enables opening of the page by bookmarking it, on Mac. The same operation can be done between iOS devices. As long as bookmark is enabled, all of safari bookmarks are in sync with any Mac/iOS device. Taking notes is an extremely important task. Notes available on any iOS or Mac device could prove to be a lifesaver.


Photo Streaming: Photo Stream allows uploading and storing of last 30 days of photos on iCloud. It further pushes the collection of photos to all devices. A picture taken on iPhone will be available on iPad or Mac. The feature is very convenient if one wants to edit or print photos from a Mac. With iOS 6 there is an option to share the photo stream thereby creating a personalized pictorial.


Documents and Data: Apps with iCloud integration keeps things organized. Any documents or data generated within the app will be uploaded to iCloud and is accessible to any other device with the app installed. Example: A wonderful drawing created within app with iCloud integration, can be completed on other device with the same app installed. Documents and Data is one of the most underrated features of iCloud.


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