Fonepaw iOS Transfers



While transferring data between iPhone, iPad or iPod and the computer, one inevitably has iTune in mind. Even though it is ubiquitous, it is not unique when it comes to its functionality. It might be the most widely used solution for tasks involving data transfers between apple devices and computers. Fonepaw iOS transfer is capable of handling different types of data like videos, documents, music, books, contacts, playlists or the SMS messages. Other remarkable advantage is its supports to any model of iPhones, iPods and iPads alike. Moreover, it is extremely easy to use thanks to its neat, intuitive and straightforward interface. Even a novice can use this tool without facing any problem.


The software can prove handy in a lot of situation. However, it is especially suitable for back up and synchronization needs. Simply speaking, it is a great too that works flawlessly and is of undeniable help to any iPhone, iPad or iPod owner.

  • Music and Videos:
  • User can use Fonepaw iOS transfer to re-create iTunes library. With this powerful iOS transfer one can sync all or partial music, movies, TV shows, music videos, podcasts, ringtones, audio books and even voice memos between apple iOS device and PC/iTunes library in a click.

  • Contacts:
  • The software enables one to import or export contacts from or to windows address book, Outlook, Hotmail, AOL, Yahoo and Gmail. User can also very quickly edit and add group contacts and find and merge duplicate contents in the program. Moreover, the tool can also back up or restore contacts.

  • Playlists:
  • A lot of time is spent on customizing playlists on computer. No one wants to manually re-create the playlists on the device. With the help of iOS transfer, the playlists can be transferred to iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. With the help of the software, it is just a piece of cake to transfer files across apple devices.

  • Books:
  • For book lovers who have purchased some audiobooks, ePub, PDF and wants to transfer to computer or other device, Fonepaw iOS transfer is an ideal tool. It provides an effective way to transfer books with a fast speed and high quality.

  • Photos:
  • The software is capable of exporting photos or albums from iPhone, iPad and iPod to computers to back them up or edit photos on PC. Moving pictures back to devices is fairly easy.

  • SMS:
  • SMS text messages are supported to be accessed and transferred safely from iPhone to computer/Mac as CSV, HTML and TXT file. Later on, one can back up important messages or print them.

    Conclusion: Fonepaw iOS transfer is a good alternative choice to manage the content of iOS device and transfer them between the device and PC as per liking. Installation process is quite easy and takes a few minute for completion. One can also use its trial version for 30 days. Moreover, it comes with the attractive features with simple synchronization function to solve the customer requirements. User experiencing difficulty in process like transferring, back up and recovering the iOS files can reach detailed tutorials and solutions on the product website.

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