Xbox Scorpio


Xbox Scorpio version is the evolution of the earlier launched Xbox One

The Microsoft Company has unveiled some of the specifications of its upcoming gaming console. Putting in simpler words, this Scorpio version is the evolution of the earlier launched Xbox One. It is not only the next generation gaming console but a quite capable version of the Xbox one which has been designed keeping in mind the 4K gaming. This project Scorpio will be 4.6 times capable that the original version of the hardware. It features 8 custom X86 cores which are clocked at 2.3 GHz. This makes it faster and capable of performing all the calculations around 30 % faster that the old version of the gaming console.

This gaming console utilizes eight core processor and runs at 2.3 GHz

The Xbox Scorpio utilizes the eight core processor and it runs at 2.3 GHz. The processors of the console are also packaged into an incredibly tight space. On the graphics front, Xbox Scorpio has GPU with 40 compute units and this is running on an impressive 1172 MHz. The striking feature is the 12 GB of GDRS memory. This imparts a more and faster memory to the device.It has now 40 cores which are running at 1172 MHz. Also users will be getting 4.6 X performance multiplier and this is going to impart huge possibilities to the developers along with the ultra high resolution textures and 4K resolution. The company has said that this project has met the company’s six teraflops performance objectives.

This gaming console is quite extraordinary in its features in comparison to its predecessor

Xbox Scorpio is going to shine in the area of memory bandwidth and its GDDR5 RAM is going to hit around 326GB/s. It will also be having an Ultra HD Blue ray drive which was lacking in PS4 Pro.This console is quite extraordinary in its features with a CPU 30% faster in comparison to the original Xbox One. Even the GPU will also be 4.6 times faster in comparison to its predecessor. Well the device has an embedded memory of 8 GB which has been increased from 5 GB which was found in the X box One.12GB memory will be there and this will be shared by the entire system .Some will be utilized by CPU and rest by the GPU itself.

Players can now run 4K resolution visuals at higher speed

Users can easily run out the 4K resolution visuals and that too at much higher speed. Looking at the GPU front, this new gaming console has dizzying amount of the power. Each of its GPU will be computing units which are comparable to the AMDs RX 480 card which runs at near max clock .Now users can enjoy playing high quality games at 4K and 60 fps .The company has a plan to launch the gadget this year .Well no doubt this piece of the new Xbox one hardware surely includes more powerful features and it can still support the current collection of all the games of the player.

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