Why buy iPhone SE ?


Price and features are the top two reasons to buy the new iPhone SE. The phone is targeted at two types of customer- one who cannot get a feel for Phablets and those in developing nations. The features have been repackaged cleverly with Apple pay, live photos and improved camera in a popular pre-existing form. The phone is affordable and perfectly fits the requirement. The device represents Apple’s secret weapon in the face of slowing sales and weak economies. Consumer should underestimate at their own peril. Few reasons to buy the device have been listed below:


Size and Appearance: The phone is incredibly small compared to the 4.7 inch and 5.5 inch displays first introduced with the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus in 2014. At start, holding the phone will be an adjustment. However, after some days it is pretty comfortable in hands. The change of recent years means handling the phone for the first time feels like a novelty. It will remind of times when iPhones were even smaller at 3.5 inches. The body has been crafted from aluminum and features a color matched stainless steel inset Apple logo that appears as a subtle, darker shade than the phone’s shade. Luckily, Apple has chosen to introduce the popular rose gold shade. The power button remains on the top right edge, the volume buttons are on the left hand side and the lightning port is still on the handset’s underside. The main point of differentiation lies under the hood in the new processor and software.

Performance and Software: The new AX9 makes the iPhone SE not only small, but incredibly powerful. The rear facing camera has been given a good bump from 8MP to 12 MP and is capable of shooting 4k videos. It also includes Live Photos playback allowing to watch the brief animations created by stitching together several images into a composite shot by pressing on the still image. The new handset features an inbuilt touch ID finger print sensor in its home button thanks to the addition of a near field communication chip. It is also now capable of making payments and transactions via Apple pay.

The new handset features a 4 inch display returning to a sizing convention not used since iPhone 5. The device borrows heavily from its blocky angular design language complete with wide plastic antenna bands that stretch across the top and bottom of the handset.

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