Western Digital Passport 1.5TB External Hard Drive


An external hard drive enables one to increase the storage capacity of computer without the need to install any complicated hardware. Certain hard drive also allows to wirelessly shares files with other users. Wd Passport 1.5TB External Hard Drive helps in safe and robust storage of data. The hard drive offers an ultra fast transfer rate, portable design and WD features that will keep the files secure. After connecting the WD portable hard drive to a USB 3.0 port, one can experience incredible transfer speeds up to 3 times the normal rate providing extra boost and saving ample time.

The portable design of the hard drive will not add bulk to existing tech. It is also powered from the USB port so that one will not have to worry about plugging in a separate power supply. The hardware also have an automatic backup software that will work in the background without any interruption. It also has password protection and hardware encryption that allows access to drive utilities for ensuring operation at peak performance.


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