Slip Tardisk into the SD card slot of your Mac book and give it a memory boost

A common problem with the Apple Laptops is the storage space of its base configurations which is small like around 128 GB or 256 GB of the flash storage and this is where use of Tardisk comes into picture. This device works as a complementary store device for the Mac system. It is quite similar to the short, metalloid version of the SD card and user can easily slip the Tardisk into the SD card slot which is present in his Mac Book. The tardisk thus simplifies the entire task of the file management with the complete modification and management of the OSX system.

Running out of space on your Mac laptop? Insert Tardisk into the SD card slot

Are you running out of space on your Mac laptop? Then Tardisk is the best solution to your problem.The size and its shape is just like a standard SD card and you can hide it easily just by inserting it into the SD card slot of your Mac book. User can easily expand the memory of his Mac book and all his files will be safely stored inside the tardisk. Based on pear technology, it gets paired up with the memory of your Mac laptop and it increases the memory of your system. You can simply flush it inside your Mac book and can simply place all your files in the right manner.

Digital storage space gets a boost within a minute.

The device is being precisely cut from the alloy of aluminium metal and it stays inside your system in a safe and simpler way. It can be integrated seamlessly without any efforts and your digital storage space gets a boost within a minute. The Apple Mac book air 11 inches model and Apple Mac book12 inches are not supported as they lack the SD card slot. When you will first plug in the Tardisk, it is going to show up the 256 GB drive separately but once you will run, it will get paired up with the Mac book’s internal flash storage space. This is going to result in a single and bigger Macintosh HD drive. So user can easily pair up this device with the Mac book’s flash storage and on completion of the installation, a window confirming the completion of the installation will appear.

Tardisk adds up to 256 GB extra space

Now you can boost the storage space of your Mac laptop and there is no need to swap out your in built flash memory. This is something which is secure and this device doubles or even triples the existing onboard storage of your system as it is going to add up to 256 GB extra space. This is being constructed by using simple aluminium alloy unit body frame and it perfectly matches classy texture and the colour of your Apple laptop. This is not only about the looks but its exclusive design surely adds to the protection and gives your laptop a performance boost.

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