Surface Pro 3


Surface Pro 3 is certainly one of the most innovative products from Microsoft. Clearly, the company is not afraid to fall on its face in the wake of creating next turbulence in the market. Surface Pro 3 might well prove to be that product. The company has been hammering away at what it considers is a problem with tablets for years. Since the launch of the Surface Pro 3, Microsoft has sought after ultimate mobile computing device that can replace laptop with tablet first approach. Surface Pro 3 is closer than any laptop-tablet hybrid released yet. Microsoft was so sure that it compared the pro 3 directly to Apple’s iPad Air and 13 inch Macbook air.

Microsoft has increased the touch screen from a tiny 10.6 inches to a far roomier 12 inches. In the process, the pixel count has been upped from 1920*1080 to 2160*1440. The result is a modest boost in pixels per inch from 207 pixels per inch to 216 pixels per inch provided the increase in screen real estate. More important is the company interesting choice in aspect ratio. Rather than retaining the pro’s 2 16:9 or glomming on to the iPad’s 4:3, the firm choose aspect ratio of 3:2. As per the claim of company, the aspect ratio can actually display more content than the Macbook’s air 13.3 inch panel at 16:10. The move has also been made to make the tablet feel more like an average notepad when held in portrait orientation.

Wrapped in a bright silver colored magnesium shell that is cool and smooth to touch, Surface Pro 3 feels premium in every regard. The tablet has retained the trapezoidal shape of its predecessors but manages to come in both thinner and lighter than before. Besides, the upper half of the tablet is beset by vents on its edges to better dissipate heat pushed out by its fan. The home button has also been moved to the left side of its silky smooth – though rather thick glass bezel. In this way it appears on the bottom of the slate while held upright. Adorning both sides of the pro 3 are 5 Mega pixels cameras capable of 1080 pixels video recording. While the shooter will not blow one away, the front facing lens should do just fine for Skype and the weekly video meeting over VPN.

Without a keyboard, the tablet cannot replace laptop. Surface Pro 3 was in desperate need of a boost. Fortunately, Microsoft sent the type cover back to the drawing board and what has come back is the best version yet. From keys with deeper travel and stronger feedback to a wider glass track pad that actually clicks nothing was off the table. However, the most important improvement has been the brand new double hinge. It is equipped with a strong magnet that latches on to the Pro’s 3 lower bezel, the type cover can now rest with just a portion of it touching the lap or desk. Tucked beside the type cover is also the newly improved surface pen. Microsoft made it a point of calling its stylus that. With an aluminum finish and a useful clicker up top, the surface pen is weighted to better feel like a pen. Using Bluetooth and powered by N trig, the stylus tracks closer to its physical position than ever before.


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